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Prelude- We don’t intend to send more than 3 mails a day , however today we need your help, hence sincere apologies for the inconvenience (if any)

Dear friends,

Currently , we are on the verge of launching our CSE 2016 programme on Jan 1,2016 , which will be a holistic one , encompassing all aspects .Also we are designing it such as way that it will be more engaging.


In this regard , we would like to hear from you , which can help us to better our  initiative which does not drain our aspirants , instead keeps them spirited and helps them improve and learn continuously with a sole objective of clearing this examination.

If you have seen questions papers of this year for essay and general studies (Available in our home page)- one thing is clear – rote learning or going to different institutions will be of little help if your learning/institution does not push you to do “Critical Thinking”

We don’t want to brag about it, however the core of our approach is to – develop critical thinking . You would have noticed it – if you have followed our Daily current events .

So , in this regard – we request you to pour your hearts out and provide us feedback , so that we will include them and everyone’s concern is addressed.

Kindly provide your feedback here , it will not take more than 2 mins :-

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