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Dear All,

We have conducted 6 essay tests till date and here are the topics list, even if you are not part of our essay program, try to write these essays.



1. “There is good in all of us”
2. God always forgives, Man often forgives, Nature never forgives
3. When you find hope, you find a middle class
4. Isolation, Protection and Secession – the rising tide of de-globalization in a globalized world.


1.Disability is Not Inability.

2. Pollution anywhere is a threat to life everywhere.
3. Is 21st century is India’s century?
4. “Ability can take you to the top, character will keep you there”


1. Indian Industrial Revolution- Are we chasing the ghost?
2. Social Media- boon or bane?
3. Human Capital is the true measure of real progress.
4. Good governance is not an option, it is a necessity.


1. Will we be leaving the earth as a better place than we found it?
2. Daughters of India, their struggles, their plights and their achievements.
3. Challenges to India’s Internal Security- The “emerging” and The “Perpetual” !!!
4. Energy Security and India


1.Embracing Fourth Industrial Revolution.
2. Judiciary – “Reformer of Highest Order”

3. Urbanisation is here to stay and Sustainable Urbanisation is the only way forward.
4. E-Governance – “Easy, Efficient and Effective Governance


1. Space Technology in the aid of Mankind.
2. Water, Water everywhere, not a drop to drink.
3. Education is a shared responsibility.
4. Humans – “an ungrateful species”

Thank You



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