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Dear All,

We are unveiling the details of our much-awaited test series. Although registration was open since few days, yet  we have received some question and here is our answer to them.

The Essay Program Starts from 2 November 2017 and the first test is live now. Topics of first test are :-

  1. “There is good in all of us”
  2. God always forgives, Man often forgives, Nature never forgives
  3. When you find hope, you find a middle class
  4. Isolation, Protection and Secession – the rising tide of de-globalization in a globalized world.

It is the best essay test series in India. We provide not only personalized feedback but also strategy and reference material for each topic and tele-counselling post-review. So look no further- Join us and GRAB A RANK in 2018.

Essay Test Series – FAQS – Click Here

Essay Test Series – Schedule – Click Here

Sample Essay Copies and Reviews – Click Here

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Essay test Registration – Click Here

Thank You


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