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Dear All,

We have already launched the essay program and 5 tests are already live now.

Here are few details that will clear your doubts:-

  1. You can write for all the past tests and get reviews for them. You can write in any order you want. We have a very simple motto- if you write and upload or send it to us for review, you will get the review.
  2. All the past tests have very important topics which can be asked in 2017 or 2018 mains, we are certain of that.
  3. The topics are written by us. We try to read the pulse of the time and try to breath the same air as UPSC, hence all of our topics are very intuitive and relevant for this exam.
  4. We conduct brain-storming session among our core members and do due diligence before giving any topic.
  5. We managed to predict 6 out of 8 essays in MAINS 2016 and that is one of the most difficult task because THERE IS NO SYLLABUS FOR ESSAY.
  6. The reviews are extra-ordinary ( All of our students who got the review said so)
  7. Many of our student managed to change their score form  70-90 range to 140 and beyond. Every serious aspirant knows how important this paper can be for securing a rank.
  8. The program is completely flexible.
  9. This year, we have even opened Tele-counselling where you can get your doubts clarified post review.
  10. We are completely accessible and considerate, so don’t hesitate to ask or reach us.
  11. To facilitate better student experience, we have created a very good student portal (IASTREE). You can communicate with us through the portal as well.
  12. The program is the most affordable one and we are giving TOPIC WISE strategy as well  and no one does that.

So if you want to score beyond 150 in this paper, you must get your pen and paper ready and register for the course. You have to write at least 20 if you seriously want to score beyond 150. If you are already a good writer, then fewer than 20 will be fine but you should read the strategy for each topic.

When you write 20 topics and get reviews for them, the flow, coherence and everything that makes you worried about this paper will fall in line before you appear for the exam. By then, you will be a good writer, naturally.

Registration can be done from here-  Click Here

Feel free to reach us in case of any queries.

Thank You




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