Dear All,

As we look ahead for a successful year, this day marks the beginning of our much-awaited essay test series. If you are already aware of our topics, then you know they are very intuitive and our strategy and reviews are un-paralled.

We are poised to give the program a distinct push this year as well. Rest assured , the strategy and reviews are only going to be better. This year, after an overview of Mains-2017, we are delighted that our core philosophy has been resonated well with UPSC. The questions are getting analytical and this is what we do best. Pushing your horizon of thinking is what we excel at-and if you think you have written everything that has to be written in an essay-we certainly will surprise you with new perspectives, ideas and examples.

Of course, the last few months and especially the few days before MAINS was extra-ordinarily hectic as we were constantly engaged with our students on how to improve the writing, where to focus and how they performed.

Sometimes, it makes us feel proud to be associated with so many intellectual individuals/students. After all who is Socrates without Plato, who is Plato without Aristotle and who is Aristotle without Alexander. (Socrates Taught Plato, Who Taught Aristotle, Who Taught Alexander).

The true happiness of a teacher lies when the Students outdo the teacher and that is exactly what happened when we discussed with our students about their performance in ESSAY ( MAINS-2017). This little moments of happiness takes away all the pain of the year. It keeps us motivated to outdo ourselves each time.

Inspiration works both ways, Teachers inspire students and in turn get inspired too.We are intellectual individuals and we are constantly devising and innovating new methods to help you score better in this paper.

Due to paucity of time, we are yet to finish the review of this year’s Mains paper, but the work is on and soon you have the the review of this year Mains as well as some reflections on the path to pursue for next year.

A big THANK YOU for believing in us.

Details regarding essay program registration , FAQs, Process etc can be found at UPSCTREE

No matter what the UPSC creed, We are an unrelenting breed.


Thank You


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