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*Note – We have said earlier that Education essay in the section A is appealing ,however, there is a risk in it – the risk being can we write anything that may impress the examiner given that his/her profession itself is “education”. We will always have lesser understanding about a subject/job , unless we draw our livelihood from that subject or job.Hence the risk.But , nevertheless , if one writes holistically , one will get good marks.

Section – A

  1. Lending Hands to someone is better than giving a dole.
  2. Quick but steady wins the race
  3. Character of an institution is reflected in its leader
  4. Education without values . as useful  as it is, seems rather to make  a man more clever devil

Section-A Analysis

Section – B

  1. Technology can not replace manpower
  2. Crisis faced in India-Moral or Economic
  3. Dreams which should not let India sleep
  4. Can capitalism bring inclusive growth.


1)Technology can not replace manpower :-

This a good essay for those who understand technology and how it changed the political and economic set up altogether.

There is a larger perception that technology will kill jobs, but it will kill only the conventional jobs ; and on the same hand it will create more sophisticated jobs.However there is a inherent danger in it- for eg- when you and I took birth – we never knew that there will be a sector called IT or job called Software engineer .By the 2000, it became a reality .Our parents would not have thought of this job and if you work in IT , you will know how difficult it is to make your parents understand the nature of your job – don’t mind if sometime they call you “clerks” (sitting in a desk , working with computer is an equivalent of clerk for them 🙂

In the transition phase though, those who were engaged in conventional job will lose employment.Technology creates a generational drift altogether.

Anyway- one can include – Artificial intelligence and Automation where the machines do cognitive activity can be cited which may kill jobs, but end of the day these are machines and to maintain them we need people, unless machine start repairing themselves.

One has to show the bad and good that technology can offer , one can start with industrial revolution and the impact of technology on jobs and then take it forward to contemporary times.Technology seems to replace manpower , only for a temporary span or time ; nevertheless no one ever thought that there will be a company called google or amazon or flikart who HIRE PEOPLE .So one has to give multiple examples on how technology has created jobs and not replaced manpower.

Moreover, one has to take Indian context too. For examples, if IT sector was not there – then this country would have seen some revolution as many of the engineers from other background would have been jobless- in this regard one can show, how sophisticated technology creates more jobs than conventional technology ( civil/electrical/mechanical etc)- this is an apt example in Indian context.One can show –  how a new bunch of services are created out of thin air – from online shopping or online recruiting  etc.

One can ask why emphasis on IT – simply because the question is not asking about conventional technology and the examples form this sector makes it relevant and contemporary.One can use mobile revolution too – how it left may STD BOOTH owners jobless for a short time and then again , the owners bounced back with top up services and many other such items to sell.


This is a good essay – one must attempt if he/she has in-depth insight into technology as a sector and can manage to give multitude of examples.

2)Crisis faced in India-Moral or Economic :-

This is a  critical essay and it has dualistic nature and one can not conclude properly or stand on strongly any single  point of view , hence better is to avoid this one.

The relevance is related to the multitude violence against women and unnecessary politicization of issues etc .

If economy would have been the cause of crisis in India – then we have been surviving as a country way too poor for the past 60 years and more after independence.Many foreigners could not digest the fact that even though their is poverty yet everyone seems contended and relatively happy – one can see a smile on the face of a poor in India and this baffles many foreign authors.

Many foreigners even wrote that poverty is a fit case for communism to survive and autocracy to rule , however India has none- hence India still remains as a mystery in the psyche.

So, as long as economy is concerned – it has never pushed India to crisis (broader sense).Moral crisis in India – is visible in all its ugly manifestations.

There is no correlation between the two either- you don’t rape becasue you are poor- as simple as that.

So , to score good  , you have to  paint the ugly pictures of moral crisis and be critical about it. End of the essay it will make the examiner sad (more or less) , however, contrary to popular belief  it has a high scoring chance becasue , examiner is an elder person and he/she probably holds the same view on why this generation became so immoral , if you can just speak his mind in your writing , you are good to go.

Having said all that , one can still argue how poverty leads to crime etc, hence dualistic in nature and my view may not be similar to your view and both can be right too.


3)Dreams which should not let India sleep:-

This is probably most attempted essay , given the positive tone of the essay, however as we said in earlier essay – an essay is pessimistic does not mean that you will not score good or vice versa.The examiner is at the epicenter of it and dream is just another word for him/her at this age :)( in a general sense)

Anyway ,you have to paint a heavenly adobe called India and how to achieve it – the essay is as simple as that .

Start with Idea of India and proceed from there , the problem with this kind of essay is  you will never finish that is no end to a dream and so this essay neither will have an end.

By the time you finish writing this essay , you will always feel you have left something or you could have done it better – as we said , its a dreamy essay and dreams have no ending and even if you end – you will never be satisfied with what you wrote , even though you have written very well.

This essay is vastly  diverse, many people can write many ways and competition gets tough.

The difficulty is openness of the essay, however one can score decent marks , if you can take the examiner to see the heavenly adobe called India 🙂

4)Can capitalism bring inclusive growth :-

The straight forward answer to this essay is NO , however there is no alternative which is viable either . It is like democracy – it is not the best form of government , but there is no better alternative either.

The essay is not only about capitalism , it is also about socialism , hence you need to balance your view on how the mix of two can work together and succeed  ,but will fail if tried in absolution.

Final view :-


Essay 2 -Even the word economic is there it is – ETHICAL

Essay-3 – Dreams can not be confined to any particular subject

Essay-4 – ECONOMIC

We think best essay to attempt is completely dependent on you.















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