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Dear Aspirants,

We have been publishing very good editorials , and many a time add our perspective if we feel the editorial does not encompass entire gamut of perspectives that a particualr issues calls for.

There is an  Editorial Upswing , that is you will be receiving a load of editorials and you have to go through it.They are important in the sense that it will not only help in upcoming exam but also will help if you are preparing for next year.

It takes a great deal of our time to find , edit and publish good editorials and a great deal of time is spent on research so as to pick the relevant from the sea of irrelevant.

The editorials are published from different sources that one can think of – From Govt reports to WHO reports , WEF reports, Down to earth,Geography and You,  and of course from the general newspapers like HINDU of Indian Express.

Given the paucity of time for the upcoming MAINS exam , here is what you can do :-

  1. Go through the editorials at once
  2. Find out the relevant details and data
  3. Find out important perspective
  4. Then make jotting or notes , so as to revise it before exam and quote these datas/perspectives.
  5. The important part of reading is not just to read but think and create a mental map where you can use the details of an editorial.They can be used in Essays or GS papers or Optional papers and how to use it – well , we leave it to you to your intellect.

Moreover, if you need any help or want us to look into any particular issue , please write to us.

Many of you have asked us many queries, as of now we are compiling the queries and will answer them along with our PRELIMS program launch.

Thank You


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