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Essay Test – E01 – Statistics & Analaysis

 Top 3 Scores – 105 , 101, 97 out of 250

 Top 3 Scorers – Pankaj,Saumya,Shasank
Average Score – 63
Total  number of submissions – 302
 Most attempted topic- Demography of India – Visible dividend or Invisible disaster.
 The 2nd Most attempted topic- Technology makes democracy more democratic
 The 3rd Most attempted topic- Embracing the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
 The least  attempted topic- There is no meaning of economic prosperity if it is not accompanied by social justice.
 The topic where we noted minimal digression among students-  Demography of India – Visible dividend or Invisible disaster.
 The topic where we noted maximum digression among students-  Technology makes democracy more democratic
 The topic where we noted very good writing style and content –  Embracing 4th Industrial Revolution
 The topic where we noted that everyone had to work on their content (less/more)-There is no meaning of economic prosperity if it is not accompanied by social justice and  Technology makes democracy more democratic

Analysis of the TOPICS:-

Demography of India – Visible dividend or Invisible disaster– It is a straight forward essay, attempt only if you have data as the essay is data driven and every argument that you make , it must be substantiated with trends in data. Put as much as examples as you can for this essay.This is social topic.
Embracing the Fourth Industrial Revolution– It is one of the critical essays and the theme was a buzzword in World Economic forum last year, you have to read and quote few reports (Such as World bank report where 60% of Indian and more than 70% of Chinese manufacturing jobs will be lost to Automation). Once you show the problems that arise out of automation and robotics, connect it with how it give rise to multitude of issues. You can connect the demography parameter in this essay. Also link it with Universal Basic Income (as social safety net is must if we embrace 4th IR as people will lose jobs in huge number). You can also connect how automation and robotics will take over slavery and manual scavenging-Machine enabling release of Man from clutches of Man- this is the good part. Complete details will be given in essay topic wise strategy soon.
Technology makes democracy more democratic– This is an interesting essay and requires in-depth understanding of what democracy is – not the letter but the spirit of democracy and then connecting it with how it is enabling citizenry across the world to realize their fundamental rights.Think of the all fundamental right that you have read in your polity papers and then think how technology is helping realize it. For instance- Right to timely service delivery and How tech is enabling it (This is not fundamental right however you can also show how the concept of rights are also evolving and how technology is enabling it- Right to healthy environment etc). You can also show how tech is enabling the democratic leaders to infringe upon the fundamental rights of the people for their undemocratic ends . E.g- NSA snooping , right to privacy etc.
There is no meaning of economic prosperity if it is not accompanied by social justice –This is an interesting essay and one can right multitude of dimensions and diversify this essay. You can start with the preamble of our constitution and what does it mean by social justice and then represent what various social indicators are indicating – Islands of prosperity in sea of poverty. You can take each and every social indicator and see how did we do – did our economic progress post-1991 and the fruits of development reached every nook and corner of society – Obviously not – and then suggest what can be done.This can be written from women’s perspective as well- for example – Women in India and across world have financial autonomy now however does their economic prosperity freed them from the social drudgery – dowry, harassment, commodification of women, social attitude etc – In sum they can earn how much they want but they can not do what they want from social perspective given the patriarchy and prejudice prevailing in society.Many other perspectives can be written for this essay.You can also give examples from across the world.

TOPIC wise strategy will be uploaded in the Student Portal along with reference material and approach.Students will be notified on the same.

Topics of Essay Test – E02
1. Daughters of India –their struggles, their plights and their achievements.
2. Digital Economy and India
3. “Ability can take you to the top, character will keep you there”
4. Will we be leaving the Earth as a better place than we found it?
Total submission till date – 109 (If you have not submitted, please do submit)
Do write on the topic that we provide as that can be more helpful than picking up random topics. Just because one likes a topic that does not mean that UPSC will ask that topic. We manged to predict 6 out 8 essays in Mains 2016. We intend to do the same this year, but writing past UPSC topics or any other topic that you picked from internet is secondary. You efforts should not be fruitless.Our goal is to predict the future with precision not ponder over past and so should you.If you like a particualr topic  and want to write, we will certainly review it, but before writing it, send us the topic that you want to write, so that we can guide you accordingly or re-calibrate the topic or theme to suit UPSC needs.


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