Sustainable Development – Myth or Reality ?

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We have getting good write ups , however the participation certainly can be improved.This initiative is crafted for you and you should take the benefit of it.Only when you write you will know what is missing in the answer as we ourselves review it.A little add up everyday is the key to success and every day a single debate pushes you to think and find out about the topic.In real exam scenario , the answers will not come from what you have studied in the run up to the exam , but from the things that you have internalized over the years.

The no of questions and the time given for it, does not allow one to think or ponder over a topic more than few seconds. And ultimately the answer will flow from you sub-conscious mind.Think of it as driving.If you drive daily , then you no need to look at the speedometer or think about which gear to change- it all flows from your sub-conscious automatically.But if you have not driven for a while , you will face hurdle.

Merely reading well crafted answers is not enough.You necessarily have to internalize those answers by thinking and writing.If you don’t do it daily, the disadvantage can cost you a year or so and you will be left with a heavy heart – because you knew  certain points of the answer but could not put it in exam  – That is the worst of all. It is not that we don’t have the knowledge, it is the lack of practice and critical thinking that can be harmful.

Don’t fool yourselves that you know the answer , every serious aspirant probably knows the answer too.The real question is why few succeed and why many fail  ? The only answer is practice and daily dose of critical thinking – if you don’t do it , somebody else is certainly doing it, and as you go on procrastinating , your chances grow slim day by day.

We know this is not the post you are looking for  , but it is the bitter pill for your own good.We can not pretend to be nice all the time – although everyone will like it.So it is the TRUTH in a nutshell – the question is what are you going to do about it ?


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