Dear Aspirants,

We have received many requests in the past to start a  daily debate.The reason being although many sites carry out daily debates , no one gets a holistic perspective as far as a particular issue is concerned and most of the debates left open ended.Hence after a long thought and arrangement of manpower we are starting this initiative.Here is what we are going to do –

1)Everyday a debate topic will be given

2)You have to research on it and write the details in the comment section.

3)A new menu item in the home page – Debate Corner , is created for this reason

4)The topics will be picked that are relevant and has importance as far as mains and interview is concerned.

How it is going to be beneficial :-

It will help in forming an opinion , backed by reason . Everybody has opinion but to back the opinion with sound logic is vital.

This can help you in  mains papers and interview.

Most of all , we will be monitoring the comment section and will compile the best ones and will provide our inputs , which will not only make the debate complete , but after end of each debate everyone will have a holistic understanding of the topic.We are running this on a pilot basis , and for it to be useful , your contribution is necessary.

1)Is it right to criminalize marital rape ? Is it the right time to criminalize marital rape in India ?

Good answers written by:-Anju , Vivek and Ariharan ,Randon Views

Our answer includes both – our inputs and the inputs provided by Anju,Vivek and Ariharan in their review.

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