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A while back, before the Economic Survey was published , we gave a topic in our Essay Test Series – “Is globalization is digging it’s own grave in the form of de-globalization?“.

When we gave this topic, we had a strong instinct that, this theme is important for this year and to our surprise our instinct  is resonated well in economic survey.

The survey writes-

Political Carrying Capacity of the West

If as T.S. Eliot said that humankind cannot bear too much reality, recent events suggest that the world cannot bear too much globalization either.

and then it goes on to answer the question What it means for India ?

Read Box-2, Page-7,8 of Survey to get an understanding of the issue.

And the recent news of –  French elections may prove to be a tipping point for globalization corroborates the fact that this theme is indeed pulse of the year.

We take due care before giving topics and we give topics in the essay test series after a thorough due-diligence. So, do write them and research on them, because at the outset we are reading the pulse right. Our job is to predict with precision and while we try hard to do that, you must try harder to research on them and write on them.


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