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Dear All,

The last couple of days has brought us some relief and happiness. Else, most of our days are filled with struggle and the constant strive to excel and help you all in your preparation.

As we celebrate the success of SAUMYA PANDEY (RANK 4), ASHOUTOSH SAHU (RANK 370) and BAMBAM YADAV (RANK -949) and congratulate the candidates on their success, few queries have reached us and here are few details for your perusal.

Regarding MAINS TEST SERIES 2017

  1. The mains test series will be launched immediately after PRELIMS.
  2. This year, we already have prepared a good deal of materials which will be uploaded in the student portal IASTREE.
  3. The review that we provide is UNPARELLED and we are proud of what we do, so when you join and write the tests, you will get EXCEPTIONAL review.That is one of our core strengths.
  4. Our prediction were quite good last year, this year we intend to excel in prediction.

Regarding ESSAY TEST SERIES 2017

  1. It is already launched and 5 tests are live as of now.
  2. This year post-prelims, we will be uploading strategy for each topic (total of 40 topics)
  3. You can join and start writing whenever you can and in any order. What matters to us is – you should write and send it to us- it will be reviewed. To put it rather simply, if an essay reaches us for review, it will be reviewed.
  4. Our prediction was very good last year, this year we intend to do the same.

Regarding Topper’s Strategy

  1. Toppers are busy celebrating, once we have the strategy and interview script , we will publish for you all to benefit.

We have planned for Q & A session with toppers, once we have their time, we will inform you on the same.


Thank You


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