Dear Students,

Kindly note that we have uploaded all the Questions and Question and Answer PDFs for all tests as follows:-

  1. Exclusive set on Environment and Culture (2 tests)
  2. History-4 tests
  3. Polity-4 Tests
  4. Economy-3 Tests
  5. Geography-3 Tests
  6. Science & Tech-2 Tests
  7. Mock-5 Tests

Link to portal

Apart from the above, we are currently working on few exclusive sets and Material on the following :-

  1. Current Affairs(4 Test already live- Questions per test varies from 15 to 50)
  2. Environment compilation from Time of India News paper (thehindu and others are already covered in CA and tests, but UPSC has asked question from TOI last year, so we are doing it this year for you)
  3. Few more tests (Extra tests) are being created as of now which will be of significant help for PRELIMS.
  4. Material on tribes, rivers,policy,organization,culture etc also being worked out and will be available to you all soon.

Here is something for everyone:-

Link to all Open Tests

Instruction for Taking Open tests-


1)You can simply login using your GOOGLE or FACEBOOK account and then take the test.

2)Once logged in , you will be taken to DASHBOARD page.After logging in click on Prelims Test-Open for All or choose from Menu item –PRELIMS TEST >Prelims-Open Test.

3)After selecting the answer, click on CHECK ANSWER to know the answers.

4)Alternately, you can submit the quiz, check your score, retake the quiz and then check the answers.



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