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Dear Aspirants,

In light of the upcoming prelims examination , we have stopped publishing the CURRENT affairs.But there is no need to worry on this front, as we are keeping everything stacked and will release them after prelims only.

Current affairs beyond JUNE is barely important as the questions might have already been prepared for PRELIMS (this is what we judged from dealing with years of examination)

Also, you should , stop adding any new items to your preparation as far as current affairs is concerned.This month is crucial for revision, hence kindly do revise.

Please do not engage in MAINS related activity if you are appearing for prelims this year.They have convergence but prelims needs its own time for preparation and the time is here.

Everything else takes a back seat for this month.We are unable to publish May and June monthly magazines due to pre-occupation with prelims initiatives and mock test.Kindly read them from the site itself.Only read selective editorials that are important from prelims point of view.

Post prelims we will do the following :-

  1. Publish May and June magazine
  2. Current affairs will be more focus on Mains , however datas related to prelims will be published keeping the next cycle in mind.
  3. Publish answer to the 30 debate topic ( already provided for some, some are pending)
  4. Start the daily debates – we will orient it with Mains.
  5. Few have requested for exclusive MAINS initiative, however we are still contemplating what to do about it and did not have enough time to contemplate it thoroughly .Post prelims we will have little luxury of time to do this and after that we will be able to guide you on this certainly.Nonetheless, whatever the form or module we come up with , it will be trans-formative and effective as that is our goal.

Feel free to suggest us any initiative or module that can be helpful.


Thank You




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