Dear All,

We have been flooded with questions as far as our programs are concerned.Here are the clarification.

Q-What is the mode of prelims exam and how it is going to be conducted ?

A- The prelims test series, will have 24 sets, with exclusive sets on environment and culture.We are planning to do micro-tests (20-50 questions) with regard to current events.Each set will have :-

  1. 70 static questions and 30 current events questions
  2. If you check the schedule we are also covering mapping as well international organisations
  3. For environment questions we will be dealing in:-
    1. One that deals with conceptual part
    2. One that deals with all the organisations and funds
    3. One that deals with mapping part that is – national park, wildlife sanctuary ,bio-sphere reserves, tribes etc
    4. One that deals with misc- such as – landmark books on environment and their authors or any other global activity related to environment (eg-earth hour etc)
  4. For culture set will cover each aspect of our culture along with questions from the report for 2016 from the ministry.
  5. The prelims test will be conducted online and there is inbuilt timer for this.We will also provide question and answer pdfs for your reference.

Q-I am trying to register in the portal but not receiving activation link?

A- Yes, we have done everything that is there under the sun to get gmail to not send our activation mail to spam,however it does.With increase in number it will certainly recognize that it is not spam.So please do check you spam folder for activation mails and mark them as not spam.Weirdly enough, for few gmails it is going to spam where as for few others it is going to inbox.So , kindly check all your folders in inbox.Alternatively , you can directly register with your google account without the need to send activation link which will make everyone’s life easier (Kindly try it).Only the activation mails are going to spam , not others.

Q-Will there be model essay?

A- No, there is no such thing as model essay as everyone’s weakness and strength is different.One may write a very good essay on environment but the same candidate may end up writing not-so-good essay on a philosophy topic.Hence, don’t just read good stuff, you have to write it. That’s the only way with essay.However we understand the over-arching demand for a model essay, hence have taken a decision to do the following :-

  1. Every essay should cover certain themes , certain aspects and must answer certain critical questions.
  2. So , we will give a broad heading , questions and themes the essay must deal with, that does not mean that it will cover every aspect, however it will give you a general idea on what to write in the essay.
  3. You have to write in the exam, so why hesitate now.
  4. Rest assured , we don’t judge , we only guide.So, you have to write, there is no other way around.

Q-I am little confused on which program to join?

A-That should be decided by you not us as you know the need better than us.Even if you join essay and mains, it will cultivate your writing style which will be there with you whether you give the exam this year or next year.Developing good writing has a learning curve , so it is better to start early.

Q-Will model answers be provided for mains test questions?

A- Yes, definitely.

Q-Can the cost of the test series be reduced?

A- We tried to keep it as reasonable as possible and top of that we are giving discounts as well and launched a new student portal altogether for next level student engagement.If you look at the market cost, we are offering 3 programs (16000 for essay, prelims and mains) where as others are offering only 1 program for that amount.And the quality of prelims and mains questions  as well as essays are unparalleled.That is reason why people joined us even though they subscribed to other programs last year.We did pretty good as far as predictions goes (Not bragging but giving you assurance of our level of commitment).We don’t advertise on our site- that’s a big NO for us.You come to our site to read, not browse through fairness cream  or toothbrush ads.We don’t compromise on aesthetics or quality, so the only revenue for us is through test series programs.

Q-If I join the program , does it ensure I will get through?

A- No, if you don’t do what is required.We can certainly predict questions and give a very good answer scripts along with guidance , but end of the day you have to read and write (Yes write, because the only way out through civil service preparation is writing).If you are hesitant on writing, then there is no point for preparing for civil service.So , take  a pledge, and commit yourself to writing.We have prepared an elaborate schedule for study and if you stick to that, the job is half-done.

We can only guide you, but can not sit in the exam to write your answers, so you have to leave your procrastination  and you have to get out this vicious circle of civil service preparation for once and all.

On a side note, last year we had very good candidates, and their commitment is unparalleled.Many of them were working professionals, yet they wrote 60 pages of answers on a day-to-day basis and got it reviewed.Few of them wrote all 40 topics of the essay.And few of them wrote on a daily basis.If they can do, so should you.

In fact, we got so many papers to check that , we had to spend couples of nights without sleep to go through them and give reviews.Many of them got their reviews at 3 Am or 4 Am of the night.We had to review as Mains was approaching and we had to do it fast, so we did what needed to be done.In sum, your commitment , pushes us to do better, so you have to decide first ,whether you are committed, if yes, then join the program.

Q-While check out , it is asking for my address?

A- That is just a default, however , it is your choice to provide the address or not .Rest assured your details are safe with us.If you have given address, you can also edit it in your profile as well.For us, it is nice to know where our student hails from, but it does not have any bearing on the program.So it is your choice completely.

Details of each program can be found here:-

  1. New student portal –
  2. Register yourself
  3. Check out the program and add them to cart and then check out.While checking out , you can use the discount COUPON codes provided in previous mail.

Coupon codes :-

  1. If you are joining only one program use coupon code – treedisintstd
  2. If you wan to join any two programs – You can use this coupon code for discount – treeanytwo
  3. If you want to join all 3 programs – You can use this coupon code –  treedisintstdall3

Referral Discount– If you refer it to a friend and your friend joins us, then Rs-500/- will be credited back to you bank account.For referral send us the name of your friend, his/her mobile number and mail id along with your details.Of course, this applies if you yourself have been part of our program.

Coupon codes will active till 20 Dec, post which they will be of no value and there will no discount.


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