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We have received few queries regarding the Demo test/Strategy and here are the answers to your queries :-

Q)Sir, I have not read anything yet . I am yet to start NCERT and other books, would it be good for me to take the test ?

A)The test is only indicative in nature , that means, it will give you fair idea how the questions will be set , quality of question etc.This is no way to test your knowledge , instead it is only going to give us a fair amount of idea where our aspirants stand, so that we can give maximum focus where it is needed.Moreover, the demo test will have questions on general understanding and current affairs , so we encourage you to go through our monthly magazines for current affair for NOV and DEC ( Dec 2015 monthly magazine will be provided tomorrow). So encourage you to take the test  , there is no harm in giving it a try.

Q)Sir , I have not been able to understand the strategy and I am starting to prepare now and it does not make sense to me ?

A)This is true, some of you have understood and wrote to us , how the strategy speaks your mind, because, it is not something we created out of thin air, it is our reflection which is built upon, years of hard work, perspiration, enjoying  happiness and battling doubts. In the strategy document , we are as honest , and as true as we can with you and self.If you have given the examination before, you will connect with the strategy document.

If you are starting now to prepare, this is the best time , because development of perspective/opinion/good writing  takes time , hence the sooner you take the step , the better you utilize your time.Once you start preparation, you will know how the strategy document makes sense.

The first thing to clear this exam is to be honest and true with yourself, be humble and appreciative of others opinion . These virtues, if you inculcate will reflect in  your answers and help you develop critical thinking.







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