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In Essay test –E03 , we gave a topic- Is globalization is digging its own grave in the form of de-globalization ?

We believe this is a potential question for upcoming Mains exam (Essay or GS paper) and the developments around the world suggest the same. UPSC, does not ask you the issue as is, it goes little deeper and asks you the undercurrent of the issue in the form of a theme and so are we.

A question reached us with regards to the essay in the student portal and publishing it for all to benefit. The question being :-

What’s difference between these two essays, whether these requires different approach? Do we need to take a stand in the first one because it is asked in a question format and justify the second one because it is a statement ?

1. Is globalization digging its own grave in the form of de-globalization? (Question given by us)
2. Globalization is digging its own grave in the form of de-globalization.


The difference is simple, The first one is a question – so you need to give an answer to that and you have to write your essay in such manner that you can justify your answer. In this type of essay first think of the conclusion and what is your answer to that question and then write the introduction and body of the essay keeping conclusion in mind. Sort of Reverse Engineering.

The later one is a statement, so you have to justify the statement but if you have something concrete that goes against the statement, then you can put that in to essay.

If we think of the topic itself:-

1)Is globalization digging its own grave ? Yes, it appears so, countries are trying to isolate themselves, especially those countries that were the main vehicle behind globalization. For example USA and the recent politics in USA suggesting more isolationism and protectionism etc, because when globalization did help the corporation in USA , it took away their job to other parts of the world and thus the new politics is based around protectionism, more jobs at home etc. The recent case of BREXIT also signifies this trend of de-globalization.

2)But that is just the appearance of de-globalization , and globalization is here to stay. That’s the stand you should take to answer both the essay. Just because a statement is given, that does not mean it should be your ultimate stand, you can justify it to certain length but if evidence suggest otherwise then go for it.

The reason we gave it as a question is due to the fact that you have to take a stand and your options are not limited, but in real exam when the question is asked in the form of a statement – usually one has to justify it (As the experience of UPSC suggests)

For this kind of topic, UPSC will ask it as a question rather than a statement as we did, because what the examiner is expecting from you is – Your critical understanding of the issue and you general understanding of how economies work and the how “invisible of hand of market” operate (Here you can justify that –  in a globalized world, companies will look for more profit and look ways to cut cost, that’s the reality.Commercial corporations can not sustain without profit and if the policy environment chokes them, they will go somewhere else which is more conducive- that’s is the reality of business or as they say- invisible hand of the market)

Refer these two editorials as well-

More reference material and critical analysis will be provided when we provide topic wise  strategy.


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