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CIVIL SERVICE MAINS–2016–GENERAL STUDIES Question Paper -IV and Analysis


The questions we asked in our MAINS test series :-

  1. How ethics contributes to social and human well being ;-
    1. This can be answered by the material provided by us in UTM13 test, where it discusses what use is ethics ?
      1. Ethics can provide a moral map
      2. Ethics can pinpoint a disagreement
      3. Ethics doesn’t give right answers always
      4. Ethics as source of group strength
      5. What is right or wrong and what are the sources of right and wrong (metaethics)
  2. Impartiality and Non-partisanship as foundational values of civil service
    1. We did not ask this question directly however asked this :-
    2. According to you, what are the most five foundational values of civil service. Elaborate on any two of these with example.
  3. Governance , Good Governance and Ethical governance:-
    1. Question asked by us in test series :-
    2. What do you understand by ethical governance? How good governance is related to ethical governance.
  4. Mahatma Gandhi’s seven sins  ( Did not cover as part of test series)
  5. John Rawls’s concept of Social Justice (Did not cover as part of test series)
  6. Public service code according to 2nd ARC :-
    1. Given as part of the material for UTM13
    2. utm13
  7. Corruption was asked in our test series. Kautilya’s view is discussed in 3 of our editorials :-(Fodder can be found to answer this question)
    1. Editorial – “National Security”- From Kautilya to Kofi Annan !!!
    2. Editorials – Role of Integrity in Public Life !!!
    3. ARC – Citizen Centric Administration (Good Governance)
  8. Swachh Bharat Abhiyan
    1. Question asked in test series :-
      1. It seems that our society still believes “cleanliness” is the responsibility of the state only. What can you do on personal and community level to bring about social and attitudinal change to inculcate value of cleanliness?
  9. Law and ethics as tools to control human conduct and How they differ.
    1. Questions asked in test series :-
    2. Explain how Law determines Ethics with example.
    3. “In law, a man is guilty when he violates rights of another. In ethics, he is guilty if he thinks of doing so”.(That’s the difference part)
  10. Family’s contribution to attitude building
    1. Question asked in test series :-
    2. The process of attitude building starts in the family. With suitable example, explain how your family helped you to build certain positive attitudes and how these attitudes helped you in real life?
  11. Anger management
    1. Did not ask specific to anger but a general question was given in test series :-
      1. What do you understand by Emotional Intelligence? According to you, what are the necessary attributes, an emotionally intelligent administrator should possess? – one of the key attribute of a good civil servant is anger management.
  12. Max Weber and Personal morality vs State morality
    1. We have asked the difference between personal morality and State morality  in test series.
    2. Also there is an editorial on it – Editorials – Role of Integrity in Public Life !!!

Approach for Case Studies will follow.


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