Project Limelight-UN-Global Issues-Water !!!

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Fresh water sustains human life and is vital for human health. There is enough fresh water for everyone on Earth. However, due to bad economics or poor infrastructure, millions of people (most of them children) die from diseases associated with inadequate water supply, sanitation and hygiene. […]


Project Limelight-Max Weber -Part 3 !!!

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Why bureaucracy is incapable of emotion and providing care, in short bureaucracy is incapable of empathy..but Why? (Weber has the ANSWER) Gandhi is a  Führer and so is Mandela.  Really ? Weber informs us that- Nine out of ten politicians are nothing but vain windbags...but Why ? In this part, Weber helps us understand the Bureaucracy, Politics, their nature, Gewalt, Coercion and Intoxication. CLICK HERE to read and find out Thank You UPSCTREE

Project Limelight-Max Weber -Part 2

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We often hear people say that they are very disciplined and we give them credit for it. But Weber tells us that the one who is disciplined is a- "narrow specialists without mind, pleasure-seekers without heart. And why does he says so ? Weber gives us answer to why does a factory worker goes to work everyday doing the same thing again and again, how did the humans managed to enforce this mechanical aspect in us which is not natural to human beings and the answer to it lay in understanding what is "Conditioned Habitus". Weber views the society as a “three-fold system [...]

Project Limelight – Max Weber – Part 1

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Part -1: Max Weber’s in the Twenty-first Century Note:- The civil service examination will be incomplete without understanding certain individuals - be it Gandhi or Max Weber. Understanding Gandhi is central to understand India, its values,  its ethos, its ethics and its contradiction. Same can be said for Max Weber, without him our understanding of bureaucracy will be incomplete. This is our attempt not only to help you understand Weber but help you answer question related to him or bureaucracy (UPSC asked a  question on him in Mains 2016 GS paper- Expect more of similar questions). And yes, we are expanding [...]

Project Limelight – Future Earth !!!

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About- Future Earth is built on many decades of international research on global environmental change carried out by projects sponsored by DIVERSITAS, the International Geosphere-Biosphere Programme (IGBP) and the International Human Dimensions Programme (IHDP). […]

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“Project Limelight”- UPSCTREE’s New Initiative !!!

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Dear All, UPSC has been shifting its focus towards global organization and this trend is visible for couple of years now. For example, in last year geography optional UPSC has asked on WCRP prorgam(World Climate Research Programme (WCRP)) and in 2013/14 it asked on MAB prorgam (Man & Biosphere Program) and IGBP(International Geo-sphere and Bio-sphere Program). Not only in mains but the question on organization has been one of the key focus area in PRLEIMS as well. In prelims, it has asked on Bird-life International, UN-HABITAT and many more. Hence to cater to this need, we are launching a new initiative [...]

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