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We often hear people say that they are very disciplined and we give them credit for it. But Weber tells us that the one who is disciplined is a- “narrow specialists without mind, pleasure-seekers without heart. And why does he says so ?

Weber gives us answer to why does a factory worker goes to work everyday doing the same thing again and again, how did the humans managed to enforce this mechanical aspect in us which is not natural to human beings and the answer to it lay in understanding what is “Conditioned Habitus”.

Weber views the society as a “three-fold system of stratification” -What are they ?

Weber views Power is about using the levers of hope and coercion to discipline a society via government.

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Note: This is our attempt to help you read some theoretical aspects so that when you write an answer to a social question or an essay on social theme, you could mention these as appropriate. It certainly will make your answer stand out from the lot. 


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