1)  “E-Sahyog”

  • Pilot Project of The Income-Tax Department to Facilitate Taxpayers
  • Aimed at reducing compliance cost, especially for small taxpayers. The objective of “e-Sahyog” is to provide an online mechanism to resolve mismatches in Income-tax returns of those assesses whose returns have been selected for scrutiny, without visiting the Income Tax Office. Under this initiative the Department will provide an end to end e-service using SMS, e-mails to inform the tax assesses of the mismatch. The taxpayers will simply need to visit the e-filing portal and log in with their user-ID and password to view mismatch related information and submit online response on the issue. The responses submitted online by the taxpayers will be processed and if the response and other information are found satisfactory as per automated closure rules, the issue will be treated as closed. The taxpayers can check the updated status by logging in to the e-filing portal.

2)Infantry Day Celebrations on 27 Oct 2015

  • Infantry celebrates 27 Oct each year as the Infantry Day. On this day (27 Oct 1947), 68 years ago the leading elements of the Indian Army from 1st Battalion of the Sikh Regiment landed in Srinagar as part force to evict the Pakistani intruders from Jammu and Kashmir which became part of the Indian Union following the signing of Instrument of Accession by Maharaja Hari Singh. Their resolute defence of the city saved it from falling into the enemy hands. The gallant action of these Infantry Soldiers reversed the tide of the battle and contributed immensely towards integrating Kashmir as part of independent India.


  • Extensive maritime interaction, the Indian and Sri Lankan Navies would undertake the 4th edition of Sri Lanka-India Exercise (SLINEX) off Trincomalee, Sri Lanka from 27 Oct to 01 Nov 15. SLINEX series of bilateral maritime exercises were initiated in 2005 and since then three successful engagements have been conducted.

4)Eating red meat can cause cancer – WHO

  • Eating processed meat can lead to bowel cancer in humans while red meat is a likely cause of the disease, World Health Organisation (WHO) experts said on Monday in findings that could sharpen debate over the merits of a meat-based diet.
  • The France-based International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), part of the WHO, put processed meat such as hot dogs and ham in its group 1 list, which already includes tobacco, asbestos and diesel fumes, for which there is “sufficient evidence” of cancer links
  • Red meat, under which the IARC includes beef, lamb and pork, was classified as a “probable” carcinogen in its group 2A list that also contains glyphosate, the active ingredient in many weed-killers.

5)First trial to use umbilical cord stem cells to cure HIV

  • The world’s first clinical trial which aims to cure five HIV patients within three years using transplants of blood from umbilical cords is set to start in Spain.

    The project seeks to be the world’s first clinical trial of its kind by recreating the success of Timothy Ray Brown — the only living person ever to be completely cured of HIV, known as “the Berlin patient”.

    Plans for the clinical trial were announced last week at a haematology conference in Valencia by Spain’s National Organisation of Transplants

  • “The Berlin patient”, Brown, was an HIV-positive American living in Berlin in 2006 when he was diagnosed with leukemia.

    He needed a transplant to treat the cancer, so his doctor decided to use a donor with a certain cellular mutation that is resistant to HIV.

    After Brown received two stem cell transplants from the donor’s bone marrow, his levels of HIV decreased dramatically.

    He is now cancer-free and only traces of the virus can found, but they cannot reproduce.


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