26 and 27 Feb 2016

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Food Security :- Background:-The Economic Survey 2015-16 presented here today in the Parliament by the Union Finance emphasizes that the main aim of food management policy is to provide food security to the population.  Providing food security entails making food available at affordable prices at all times, without interruptions. In [...]

24 and 25 Feb 2016

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Railway Budget 2016-17:- Theme of the Budget:- Overcoming challenges – Reorganize, Restructure Rejuvenate Indian Railways: ‘Chalo, Milkar Kuch Naya Karen’ Three pillars of the strategy i.e. Nav Arjan – New revenues, Nav Manak – New norms, Nav Sanrachna – New Structures […]


19 and 20 Feb 2016

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International Solar Alliance (ISA):- Background :- International Solar Alliance (ISA ) is conceived as a coalition of solar resource rich countries lying fully or partially between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn to address their special energy needs and will provide a platform to collaborate on addressing [...]

Updates on UPSCTREE Tests Series 2016

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Dear Friends, A while back , as requested by many of you ,we have launched our test series programs and asked for the feedback.Here is our answer to your questions/feedback :-   Regarding Essay test Series :- The essay test series will start from 21 Feb 2016 The details of the series can be found here including the series :- http://upsctree.com/essay-test-series-2016/   Once you are part of Essay test series :- 1)You will get an exclusive portal link, student id and password 2)The portal will have all the details. The Essay  test series has these following  features - 1) Essay strategy [...]

E01- Essay Test-21 Feb 2016 is Live Now

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Note on Daily current events:- The daily current events for 19 and 20 Feb will be published along with 21 Feb events. Note:-The below notification applies only to the registered essay test users. Dear Students, The Essay test for 21 Feb 2016  is live now in your respective portal links. Also go through the Essay strategy document before writing the Essay.(Available in your portal) Few Instructions:- Write at least one if you could not write two essays at one go. There is no upper limit to number of essay reviews - If you write all the essays , we will review [...]

15 and 16 Feb 2016

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Indo-Sychelles relations:- EX LAMITYE:-Indo Seychelles Joint Military Exercise started commenced recently India and Seychelles share historical socio-cultural ties and people to people contact due to Seychelles’ strategic location connecting eastern African and south Asian sea lanes of trade and communication. This 116 island nation is located 1350 to 1800 kilometers [...]

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