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Yojana Nector is an initiative where we are trying to filter out 80 page or more contents of Yojana magazine and give you the “cream” or “nector” of the whole magazine.The idea is to give you something, that you can retain, internalize and put in the exam papers. What we essentially pick is – the critical aspects and most important datasets along with statements that can add value to you answer. It has varied range of utility as far as UPSC exams are concerned. Use it wisely and Don’t forget to revise.

Also, we add few points on our own as well and will keep adding this section if we find anything interesting or substantial. What that means is, it is not confined to YOJANA only, it is YOJANA and beyond. Not to mention, if you need any point to be elaborated or explained in-detail, kindly let us know.


#Yojana Nector-Water(July 2016) !!!

Water has been a key planning and policy issue and recently the issue only got exacerbated. UPSC, often times have asked about water related questions and essay. In this regard, it is an important topic. [...]

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