Dear Students,

Hope you preparation is going well.

As stated before we are launching our CIVIL service preparation programs for 2017.

  1. Essay Test series will; start from 20th December 2016
  2. Prelims Test series will start from 25th December 2016
  3. Mains test series will start from 5th Jan 2017

We have launched a new student portal which is open for all to register.Once you login , you will be assigned a default role of a student which will give you access to Current events and few other details etc.

Student Portal –  IASTREE-UPSCTREE Student Portal


We have been working for past 3 months to build this , and after many feedbacks from our students , we had to do this.As far as the functionalities goes the portal is akin to social learning and delivers everything that one wishes for.Few features are


  1. Messaging and notification system where student can contact the teacher directly
  2. You can upload and keep your files- Your own drive once you login
  3. You can communicate among students , create new forums and topics
  4. You can login through Facebook and Google accounts as well.
  5. Check out your dashboard once you login , there you have to-do list which you can create and every other thing as far as functionality is concerned.
  6. And yes, you can upload your photos and create your cover page.

That’s what we have been doing to take student experience to next level from technical stand point.

Now coming to the test series part, here is what we are going to do.

Prelims Test Series:-

  1. The details of number of tests and all other details can be found in the student portal as mentioned above.
  2. First register and then navigate through different test series to know the details.
  3. This year prelims was mostly current events based however UPSC did a twist in MAINS , it was more Static than current.So those who cleared PRELIMS only by reading current events might not be able to score well this year in MAINS if they did not have good hold over static portion.
  4. So UPSC is going to retain its unpredictability, however , we sense a moderation in UPSC question , that is , it is rooting for candidates who are good in both current and static part.
  5. So , Next year prelims might be as much of current events based as much of static portion.
  6. Through our program we are going to ensure that you cover Static as well as Current events.
  7. That will prepare you for all eventualities.We can’t rely on law of uncertainties.
  8. We are also planning to give micro-tests if required for current events apart from the usual tests.

Mains Test Series :-

  1. We did manage to predict good number of questions in Mains.You can check them here – Click Here
  2. All the questions asked in the series were intuitive and at par with UPSC. Many of our students used the sentences of our mains questions to write answer in real exam as they were that good.Moreover those statement were written by us not shop-lifted, so gives uniqueness to you answer.For eg- “India has too many children but too little childhood” or “Water reinforcing regionalism ” and many others.
  3. All of our essay and mains students are over-whelmed when they first saw their personalized feedback .Because, they never saw any teacher writing the whole answer for them and diversifying their content and taking it a whole different level altogether.Yes, our reviews are that good.It is not our arrogance, it is a matter of pride for us.It is our core competency.
  4. Prior to mains we published many articles focusing mains and they did appear in Mains (Role of women in freedom struggle or inclusive growth-challenges and solutions ,South china sea, poverty issues and many others).That means , we don’t give in to temptation, we know what UPSC might ask and focus on that rather than copy-pasting everything that is there over internet .
  5. From the beginning we have been focusing on to get to the root of every issue and then analyse , and this year UPSC did just that (eg- Coelho case and judicial review or Amartya Sen’s advise etc).We will be doing the same thing for our upcoming editorials.
  6. Also in the student portal , we have segregated the pages , so that each editorial will be catalouged according to the General studies paper number.
  7. This year, we have ample time and rest assured the mains program will be of great help.
  8. We will provide answer scripts for each question in Mains program along with answer approach.We did it last year upon request from students,however it will be further streamlined and will be much better as we have the time in our side now.

Essay Test Series :-

  1. This is our flagship program.
  2. We manage to predict 6 out of 8 essays in mains exam this year.
  3. You can check the essay exam analysis here- Click here
  4. Our reviews usually include 3-4 pages – that is they are most comprehensive and guides you on every aspect including how to go about the framework.
  5. Of course, there are bunch of strategies out there on how to write essay etc.But that are of least help , because even if you know strategy but you don’t have content then it will be a difficult task.
  6. For example , there was a question in Mains this year – “Innovation essay”, and if you miss to write about printing press and connect it with various revolutions which it generated or don’t write about Internet and its impact then your essay may have great content but will fall as you can not miss the two greatest innovation when writing an essay on innovation.Similarly if you write more than one paragraph on invention of wheel or fire then it will hamper you essay as you are writing the obvious.We pointed this out  in our essay test series.Many other examples were given related to medicine – such as Penicillin etc. in the personalized feedback anyway.
  7. Crux of the matter is topic wise guidance is important , and if that topic comes in exam , you will be ready with your guns and bullets.If you wrote a topic, got it reviewed and inculcated the review, you will certainly write a better essay than the other person who is writing it for the first time.Practice makes one perfect.No doubt about that.

For all the tests of prelims and mains , we will provide question and answer script in PDF format.Prelims test will be online however if one wants to take a print out and do the test , they certainly can do it.For essay there will be no model essay, however we can give you a framework and important points that one has to cover in the essay.There is no such thing as model essay , everyone has their strength and weakness , so you have to write to know about it and then inculcate the change to make it better.

For Essay and Mains , we can only accommodate 400-500 students at max.So if we get the desired number of student soon, we have to close the registration .Few seats are already reserved for the former students upon their request.We can not compromise on the quality of review and hence we request you to join at the earliest.

Discount Coupon Codes :-

  1. Go to  –
  2. Register yourself , upload your photos or cover page if you want.
  3. Click on SHOP and choose your course accordingly
  4. Then Click on “Add to cart” , Then “View Cart” and then you can apply the coupon codes accordingly.

Coupon codes :-

  1. If you are joining only one program use coupon code – treedisintstd
  2. If you wan to join any two programs – You can use this coupon code for discount – treeanytwo
  3. If you want to join all 3 programs – You can use this coupon code –  treedisintstdall3

Referral Discount– If you refer it to a friend and your friend joins us, then Rs-500/- will be credited back to you bank account.For referral send us the name of your friend, his/her mobile number and mail id along with your details.Of course, this applies if you yourself have been part of our program.

Please note that the coupons will be inactive after 20 Dec 2017, hence it is limited time period offer .Also we are starting our programs on 20 Dec 2017.Post which there will be no discount.

Feel free to write to us in case of any queries:-  Contact US


Thank You






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