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As you know, we run extensive and exhaustive program for ESSAY every year, it is only natural that we provide the review of this year’s paper too.

Section – A

2)Impact of new economic measures on fiscal ties between the union and states in India.

Review– This is again fairly a straight forward topic, and can be answered from the economic survey, especially the chapters related to Competitive , Co-operative and Sub-federalism.

We also asked a similar topic in our last test series – the topic being :-

“The evolving nature of federalism – Competitive, Co-operative and Sub-federalism ” (Reference)

This being a simple and a technical topic, does not require much reflection from us either. It can be answered comfortably. Answer scripts from our MAINS test series can also be used with regards to competitive and co-operative federalism and GST as well.

The legal and political boundaries are fairly well-marked for union and states (union list, state list etc), so the only bone of contention between center and states was about fiscal ties. You can include the finance commission report and devolution of funds and most importantly you have to analyse it from the perspective of GST as well,  because it significantly altered the tax regime and thus there is new fiscal tie between center ans state as well.

Refer this article in UPSCTEE  which throws a good deal of idea on how things will work out between center and state – Click Here

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