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Dear All,

We have started receiving the essay copies. If you have registered for the open test and yet to send your answer copy, please do send at the earliest. Last date for submission is 28th June 2017.

We will be starting the review process from tomorrow on-wards, so students can expect to get their reviewed copies from day-after-tomorrow.

The idea of this initiative is to break the “initial hesitation” of writing among students and we have put in a lot of effort to see this initiative through. To provide 3-4 page review along with personal counsel for so many students is a very demanding and challenging task and requires extra effort from our side. Nonetheless, we urge you to take advantage of this initiative.

As a philosopher once said – The most important step is the first step and that is the only step you ever going to need.

So, if you have registered, take benefit of this initiative and share it with others as well.

If you have not not registered yet, you can do so by simply registering at  and then downloading the question paper and start writing.

For the sake of convenience, you no need to take print out of the entire question paper(although if you do that would be good), instead you can write Your NAME, MAIL ID and TOPIC on a plain paper and then write the essay and send it to us. Don’t forget to leave blank space on each page (1/5th on each page) as that will help us provide page-wise review as well.

The topics are as follows and you have to write at least one.(1000-1200 words)

  1. Will we be leaving the earth as a better place than we found it ?
  2. Technology makes democracy more democratic
  3. The idea of India
  4. Disability is not inability.

Each topic is very carefully chosen after due diligence for this initiative and we will provide the reasoning behind these topics post-submission of your answer copies.

Thank You






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