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Dear All,

We are reviewing the essays as we speak and doing so since the day we launched the Open Test.

At the end of the test , we will upload some GOOD COPIES that we received and we know that many of you have written to us with regards to review- we can assure you that your review is on your way. We are working day and night to provide the reviews as fast as we can.

Also, once all the reviews are finished, we will upload the statistics for you to see. While giving reviews we stick to certain values :-

  1. We don’t sugarcoat, we express your strength and weakness in the same vein.
  2. So, don’t get disheartened if your review is not “good”, because, remember, when tomorrow you will become a civil servant, your whole life will be under constant scrutiny and criticism and you have to live through it all.
  3. The strength lies in handling the criticisms well and improve upon it. We have seen students, who stop writing after the review and we have seen students who write more and try to improve, in fact when they get their feedback they become happy not disappointed ( Saumya- Rank 4, Asutosh- Rank 370,- all of them shown this attitude)
  4. Remember, no one is perfect and there is no perfect essay. So try to improve and lastly, treat us as your friends, not teachers/gurus or the people who will judge you.
  5. We have seen enough in our life to know that brilliance can come from anywhere and brilliance can be achieved by anyone, given the effort. We are the strong believers in the human’s capacity to change.
  6. Disappointments are natural to all human beings, but the strength lay in changing it to your advantage.
  7. We can help you score beyond 150, that’s a promise we can deliver, but when you get your feedback, try to inculcate the changes. If we don’t change or adapt, we know what happens – as big fella as the Dinosaurs have gone extinct.
  8. So Adaptability is in our vary nature and Adaptability is survival. Adaptability can make you a winner.
  9. So make yourself stronger, talk to us if you need and get guidance on how to improve. We can be your friends in need.

Thank You


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