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The deed is done  and the fate is sealed.So, stop worrying about the cut-offs and start preparing for MAINS immediately.Try to use this period as a head start.

We have heard all the noises around cut-offs and our two cents to the issue would be – Anybody scoring in 3 figures has a fair chance.Here are the reasons, WHY ? :-

1)The veterans who were given extra 2 attempts back in 2013 are gone from the race.(Increase in age from 30 to 32 and increase in number of attempts from 4 to 6)
2)The 2011 aspirants who were given an extra attempt last year are not in the race either.
3)Yes, the number of vacancies have decreased but generally speaking the paper was on the tougher side as compared to last year so these two may cancel out each other.
4)Finally,there is no harm in studying for MAINS , even if you don’t qualify this year, you are already one year ahead of your competitors.

Static :-

1)Relegated to backyard
2)Can’t ignore either
3)May reappear in PRELIMS 2017

Conclusion – Finishing the static portion is just the first step, but an indispensible one.You can not afford to go to the exam without preparing for it nor you can afford to prepare exclusively for it.


1)Current Affairs (CA) day-in and day-out preparation is sine-qua-non
2)Widening the traditional coverage of CA ; for eg- Butterfly question or Kharai Camel or Movie or things related to daily life are important.
3)This portion became binary – either you know it or you don’t
4)CA of not only this year but also of last year is important
5)Importance of international organisation is on the rise and on a positive side we have tried to cover all the organisations in our MOCK tests.

Conclusion – It seems preparation starts from the grocery store itself.Always keep your eyes and ears open.There is no space for personal likings/disliking as far as CA coverage is concerned (For eg- you may not be a movie-buff but you should know what is happening around the world on the celluloid and same goes for olympics or state animals or anythings else).This is to say, if it was in the news, then it is in your syllabus and hence you should know it (Of course, we will be there to pick the relevant from the sea of irrelevant)

Overall :-

1)UPSC civil service prelims exams used to be on a different plane compared to other tests conducted by UPSC or any other mass recruiter/s, however this gulf is alarmingly diminishing.
2)The change in quality in the standard of question asked has forced a metamorphosis in the prelims syllabus.Hitherto, the usual items that an UPSC aspirant used to ignore or study at max once have become the first ones to be picked up by the UPSC.So let nothing pass around you without passing through you.
3)This PRELIMS has made the competitional aspect of the exam brutally clear.Certainly the gulf between the average score and higher scores indicate the same.
4)Moreover, UPSC has asked question from those few months (especially of September- December )when aspirants are busy preparing for MAINS.In short,it is increasingly becoming difficult to outsmart UPSC as it is focusing specifically on areas where you tend to defocus.

In conclusion,you can still clear prelims easily provided you are increasing the HARDWORK (day-in-day-out) quotient of your preparation vis-a-vis your SMARTWORK (Few weeks/months of work).Contrary to popular belief and relentless propaganda on various platforms , what UPSC demands is basic  awareness on any topic rather than in-depth knowldge on it unless the topic is from a specific part of the syllabus (For eg- Environment).

Finally, we are glad that , our intuition to focus more on history, economy, envirnoment, and international organisations during our mock tests paid rich divedends to our aspirants and we are hopeful that more than 90% of our UPSCTREE saplings will get through 🙂 .

On a side note, we will be launching our PRELIMS 2017 program soon and the details will be with you in a few days time.
At this moment, we are planning on the MAINS and will roll out a questionnaire to understand your requirements  so that we can be of real help.
The ESSAY initiative will continue as planned and based on popular demand a shorter version of the whole program will be launched soon.

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