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Dear Aspirants,

Thank You for your overwhelming response to the FEEDBACK for PRELIMS 2017 PROGRAM.

If you are yet to give feedback to the program , kindly do it so –Click Here

We have noted down your concerns and here is our answer for them :-

The most emerging concern was on how to cover Daily Current Affairs :-

In this regard, it is important to note that there is a significant shift as listed below :-

  1. The question in PRELIMS 2016 related to current affairs were not solely based on THEHINDU, the reach has been diversified .Many questions were asked from other source of news such as – Times of India, Business Standard ,Economic Times, Live mint and few others.
  2. What it implies is , one can not afford to read only THEHINDU and rest assured of clearing PRELIMS in 2017.The reading list is expanded immensely.
  3. However, at the same time it is not humanely possible to read all these newspapers on a day to day basis.This calls for smart management of current affairs.
  4. In regard to this ,we have diversified our base.Picking the relevant from the sea of irrelevant has become a herculean task.
  5. However, we have few good technologies at our disposal and many resources to help us through.In short what we can do  can not be done by a single individual alone .This calls for collaborative approach.
  6. Here is our approach to provide a full-proof current affair coverage :-
    1. We go through each paper of importance, also our subscription has been expanded which also includes many other magazines of importance such as – The Economist,Geography and You, Down to earth etc.
    2. What we are doing is to go through all magazines and newspapers on a day-today basis .We assign it to different members of our core group , then discuss all the importance news, then publish after editorial oversight.
    3. For the aforementioned magazines , we will publish only the relevant ones , that will help you to enrich your content in the examination.
  7. Through our Program , we will be ensuring at least 30% of current affairs coverage in each paper, along with a complete set on current affairs.

Another important issue that emerged is that :-Many deserving students have committed “Silly mistakes” to tune of above 6 questions, which costed them dearly.

With regards to this, our  PRELIMS 2016 tests series  was created in mind keeping this issues in mind and many have benefited from it.Prelims 2017 test series will be better in this regards, we can assures you on that.

Most of the time silly mistakes are committed due to the fact that – many think “Can UPSC ask such easy questions ?”, then when one think over it too much , it results in Silly mistake.We will prepare you for this in our test series.

Few more concerns have been noted down , and few were personal in nature and you would have got a mail from with regards to this.

Feel free to contact us , in case of any queries:-Click Here

The dates of the Program Launch will be announced soon.Meanwhile write to us with your feedback.

Thank You



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