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Dear All,

Here are the details and links to understand and join our Essay Test Series 2021. We have received many queries with regards to this and hope the below mentioned links will clarify all your doubts. Our Essay Test series is one of our flagship programs and if you want to score 150+ in this paper, then look no further.

Essay has learning curve and the sooner you join, the better feedback can be provided and excellent  writing skills can be developed with exclusive tele-conferencing. Avoid last hour rush and get the maximum of the program.

Three Essay Tests have GONE live Now. 4th Essay Test will be live on 11-Apr-2021.

Essay Test 3 Topics:-

  1. The Future is Asian.
  2. Human Capital is the true measure of real progress.
  3. E-Commerce – Colonization of retail stores or globalization of local commodity?
  4. Artificial Intelligence and its utility.

Registration/Student Portal – Click Here

Strategy and Reference Material – Click Here

FAQS – Click Here

Features – Click Here

Schedule – Click Here

Topper’s Copy – Click Here

Call or WhatsApp in case you have any doubts –82608 72482

Thank You


Student Portal – IASTREE (

Mails :-

Mobile:- 82608 72482

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