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The Essay Test 03 is live now in your portal.Kindly check and write the essay.

If you have not written last one, do write and send us for review. The main problem with many is initiation, once you start writing , you will certainly improve.We are here to help and not to judge , thus while our review is honest , it must be taken with a pinch of salt.

We are your friends first and teachers later , thus don’t worry if your essay is not perfect , as there is none.All we try to do with this program is to maximize the marks and that is the only goal.

Lastly, if you think you can , thus don’t create a blockade on mind that “ I can not write a good essay” .

We came to this earth – naked, afraid , unaware and crying. We had no tools for protection , no knowledge of survival. We crawled , we failed, we learned , we walked and we ran. If this is possible , anything is possible.

Try harder, Push your boundaries and you will realize your true potential.

P.S.-We are working on few things, hence kindly expect a little delay till end of this month.There will be a complete turn around beginning of May and we are working towards that.

Thank You


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