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Dear Students,

The Essay strategy is now available in student portal (

Ethics essays are tricky. The reason being, everyone knows what to write but due to lack of examples or a proper framework,most of the time it leads to certain common errors in this type of essay. The generic errors being-

  1. Didactic/Prescriptive details dominate the essay- in simpler words, students write “what should be done” and “what is good” etc and that dominates the essay there by making the essay less interesting to read.
  2. Digression is very high for ethics based essays.

Hence the central question before us was – How to give a solid and profound framework that will curtail the digression and make your essay more interesting ?

It took a while for me to write a solid and profound strategy, It is also little Radical, the reason being , I have tried to apply a “Mathematical approach to literature” and sincerely hope the framework helps you all. The strategy is little uncommon because it is Handwritten as well, so you have to download the document and go through it.

The handwriting is very clear, however if you have any doubts, you may call or mail me- the details are in the document.

All the submitted essays are already reviewed by the teachers and I am checking them as the final review before sending it to you. In 2-3 days time you will receive your personalized feedback.

Thank You

UPSCTREE ESSAY Program Director

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