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Dear All,

Students of you who have joined our programs recently, Kindly note the following:-

  1. You will not be receiving a new id or password if you are already registered at our student portal- IASTREE.
  2. You can simply join our student portal through your google id or facebook id and the system automatically creates your profile in the student portal.
  3. When someone joins us, what we do is check if the person has a profile in our portal or not. If yes, then we assign them the course and align their access in the back-end so that they can gain access to student-specific content.
  4. If the person does not have a profile then we create a new one and provide username and password details through mail.
  5. The reason behind this seamless integration is simple, In the age of too may ids and passwords, we don’t want you to remember another one. You can simply user your google or facebook account to join us and the access is taken care at the backend.

Hope this clarifies the doubts of new joiners.

Feel free to contact us in case of any queries.

Thank You


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