Society/Geography-Population, Migration and Misery !!!

2017-10-16T23:58:13+05:30By |Categories: Geography, Society|

Population is a more serious issue than generally construed. The managing of populations can become a serious inflection point as can be seen building up in the recent Rohingya crisis in Myanmar. Frequently, discrimination against communities have been placed in religious and ethnic terms, which can be site-specific. However, Saskia [...]

Geography-The Major Thinkers of Geographical Determinism !!!

2017-09-18T10:41:52+05:30By |Categories: Geography|

There have been various schools of thought in the history of geographical thought, and geographical determinism is one such school of thought that deals with the interaction between man and nature. Geographical determinism began with the major initial source of geographical explanation that based its theoretical positions on the notion [...]

Geography-Ten Most Saline Locations on Earth !!!

2017-08-23T15:14:09+05:30By |Categories: Geography|

The most saline locations on Earth contain salt, or sodium chloride, and also other minerals and contain these in much greater quantities than the ocean. The following are the locations in the world with the greatest concentration of salt, with salinity levels that in many cases are inimical for life [...]

Environment-The age of Anthropocene !!!

2017-08-14T13:24:46+05:30By |Categories: Environment, Geography|

Upcoming geological periods With climate change ruling the environment discourse, the sudden warming of the Earth in contemporary times prompted an official expert group to present a recommendation to the International Geological Congress to declare the geological period beginning since 1950 as the Anthropocene epoch. Since 2009, the Working Group [...]

Geography-Wind Types !!!

2017-08-14T13:17:13+05:30By |Categories: Geography|

Background- On May 30 2017, a severe cyclonic storm ‘Mora’ crossed the Bangladesh coast in the forenoon, with a peak surface wind speed of 130 kmph (IMD, 2017). The cyclone claimed 9 lives in Bangladesh along with massive damage to property. […]

Urban Landscape-Designing an Universal City !!!

2017-08-14T13:02:23+05:30By |Categories: Geography|

A universal city is marked by its inclusivity, i.e. a city that manages to include the participation of all individuals that contribute towards the city. This inclusion involves incorporating features that ensure inclusivity for all through establishing the frameworks of universal design (NYU, 2017) that can include architectural features, facilitation [...]

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