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Dear Students, We have been keeping busy for the past few days due to the MAINS exam, speaking to our students,guiding them and counselling them. Last year we conducted the Essay Test series and Thank you all those who joined us.The Essay papers in MAINS came on [...]

PRELIMS Overall Analysis and Trend

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UPSCTREE PRELIMS 2016 Analysis Message:- The deed is done  and the fate is sealed.So, stop worrying about the cut-offs and start preparing for MAINS immediately.Try to use this period as a head start. We have heard all the noises around cut-offs and our two cents to the issue would be [...]

Essay Paper Analysis- Section B CSE Mains 2015

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  *Note – We have said earlier that Education essay in the section A is appealing ,however, there is a risk in it – the risk being can we write anything that may impress the examiner given that his/her profession itself is “education”. We will always have [...]

Essay Paper Analysis (CSE MAINS 2015)- Section A

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Essay Paper Analysis (CSE MAINS 2015) Section- A Lending Hands to someone is better than giving a dole. Quick but steady wins the race Character of an institution is reflected in its leader Education without values . as useful  as it is, seems rather to make  a [...]

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