[Society] Mental Health and Economic Recovery

2021-03-31T17:44:18+05:30By |Categories: Society|

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Most armies of the world follow a version of the British Defence Doctrine that lays down Ten Principles of War, the first of which is “Selection and Maintenance of Aim”. If the national aim is to achieve quick economic recovery, then we need to remember that the second of [...]

[ESSAY TEST 03] ESSAY TEST 03 has gone live.

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  ESSAY TEST 03 has gone live. Here are the topics:- The Future is Asian. Human Capital is the true measure of real progress. E-Commerce – Colonization of retail stores or globalization of local commodity? Artificial Intelligence and its utility.   Write the essays and upload it in the student portal or send it to essay@upsctree.com   Strategies are already uploaded for couple of these essays, so you can read them and frame  your essays as well. Essay test Series details can be found here along with strategy :- Click Here "Happy Writing" Thank You UPSCTREE 82608 72482

[Limelight] – Book Review – Full Spectrum: India’s Wars, 1972-2020

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This Sunday, For all the aspirants out there, we are publishing this book review and it can give you a wholesome perspective on the India’s security issues, the wars India fought,  what we did right and where we went wrong. This a good book and especially an Insider’s account of India’s wars. Buy and read this this book only if you have the time and it is 400+ pages, so make it a bed-side book and finish it in installments. A good read and we do recommend it. One thing must be said though, after a full read on this book, [...]

[Agriculture] Food Waste Index, 2021.

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The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) wanted to find out per capita food waste generated after the food reached retail stores, restaurants and canteens and homes. They scoured research studies and data to estimate the amount wasted. […]

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[Environment] “State of India’s Birds 2020” report

2021-03-21T04:01:14+05:30By |Categories: Environment|

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A comprehensive report on the distribution range, abundance trends and conservation status of birds in India indicates a worrying decline in the populations of 79 per cent of the species. “The State of India’s Birds 2020” report, which was released at the 13th Conference of Parties to the Convention [...]

[Environment] Deepor Beel on the brink

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Deepor Beel, a Ramsar site near Guwahati in Assam, known for its fish and bird diversity and rich aquatic vegetation that attracts wild elephants, faces conservation threats from garbage dumping, quarrying, and the construction of a railway line, besides a smart city project. […]

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