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Science Watch-National Science Day !!!


National Science Day is celebrated every year on February 28. The theme for National  Science Day 2017 is ‘Science and Technology for Specially-Abled Persons’ to improve the lives of the differently-abled better with the use of science and technology. […]

Science Watch-National Science Day !!!2017-03-01T15:45:52+05:30

#Addendum – Yojana Nector- Education (Jan 2016) !!!


Dear All, We have added the budget highlights in the "#Yojana Nector- Education (Jan 2016)". All the Yojana Nector can be found here:-  http://www.iastree.com/reports-content/ Feel free to let us know if you have any ideas with regards to this initiative. Thank You UPSCTREE    

#Addendum – Yojana Nector- Education (Jan 2016) !!!2017-03-01T12:49:14+05:30

Environment Watch – E-Waste and Harmful Effects !!!


Toxicity e-waste ejects could have long term effect on habitat and Homo sapiens. It accounts for approximately 40% of lead and 70% of heavy metals found in landfills. This leads to ground water contamination, air pollution and soil acidification. […]

Environment Watch – E-Waste and Harmful Effects !!!2017-02-28T13:20:36+05:30

Environment Watch – Devouring flora and fauna of forests in India !!!


Lantana Camara is one such invasive species that since its introduction has become widespread from Southern India forests to Himalaya foothills.Lantana not only spreads fast but does not allow grass, shrubs or any other plant in its vicinity to grow leading to the migration or decline in the number of herbivores ultimately affecting the carnivores at the top of the food chain. […]

Environment Watch – Devouring flora and fauna of forests in India !!!2017-02-28T03:23:17+05:30