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Dear All,

There has never been such a program before which is so well-thought-out, taking the aspirants’ strengths and weaknesses into account, and integrating them into the MAINS WRITING program. The time for Generic TOP-DOWN-APPROACH is over. We took  a BOTTOM-UP-APPROACH for this program. We asked our students, asked the mentors, asked the successful candidates and asked the graduates who will be preparing now.

With their input in mind and aspirant’s over-all well-being at heart, we are launching our much awaited Writing Program for Mains 2022, albeit with some differences in our approach to the exam in order to cater to the evolving nature of the exam and to ensure success of our students.

This initiative targets FOUR papers of General Studies of UPSC-CSE (Civil Service Exam).



  1. Every Week, We will conduct a Mini Test (At  least 5 and At most 10 Questions will be given)- Check the Schedule below for details.
  2. Each Submission will be Evaluated.
  3. Each question will be provided with a ModelAnswer
  4. Video-Strategy on how to approach the important questions when required.
  5. On-demand Tele-Counselling will be provided as required.
  6. The question will be mix of both Static and Dynamic ( From Current Events).
  7. This will be a 1 year long exercise or till Mains 2022.
  8. A month before Mains 2021, 4 full-length Simulation tests will be conducted for each Subject and will be evaluated comprehensively.
  9. Total No of Test :- 41 Tests
  10. Schedule :- Click Here

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Whats Unique about the WAR Initiative:- 

  1. The Philosophy behind this program is to help students get acquainted with answer-writing practice on a weekly basis.

Why Weekly Basis :- 

  1. Daily basis answer-writing does not work on a long-time frame and creates burn-out among students.
  2. Writing bulk of Tests just before Mains does not give you the ample time to better your writing skill either. It is essentially “Breathless Writing”.
  3. Above all, you need constant writing, constant evaluation and constant improvement to excel in your answer.
  4. And in short, you need both – time and consistency. You have to write in regular intervals and you have to be consistent enough about it.
  5. None of the above two methods, really help the students in long-run.
  6. Hence, We have chosen, Weekly Mains Answer writing and Weekly Mini-Test.
  7. A week gives the student – ample amount of time as well as help you to maintain consistency.
  8. In our opinion, it will do wonders for your writing skill in particular and help you ace the exam in general.

Why Mini-Test:-

  1. Our philosophy has always been #Less_is_More (Quality over Quantity)
  2. It is better to write answer to relevant question which has high probability of appearing in the exam, than writing answers to irrelevant questions.
  3. Precision is the key to ace this exam. Precision in question prediction is our specialty.
  4. In Mini-Test, the students gets minimum 5 Questions a Week and have ample time to read, think and write about them.
    • The idea is simple- “5 Questions well-prepared is better than 15 Questions ill-prepared”

  5.  This helps you in the following ways :-
    1. It stops you from intellectual burn-out (You can understand it if you have written a lengthy test ever)
    2. It will Keep you Consistent enough.
    3. The idea here is to :- “Unburden Your Burden” and make things simple yet profoundly valuable for you.
    4. Writing tests are cumbersome, but writing Mini-tests in fixed regular intervals is not cumbersome.
    5. Intellectually Rewarding, Attaining Consistency, Enhancing Writing Skills.

What Kind of Questions will be asked :-

  1. Questions will be a mixture of Static and Dynamic
  2. Refer the schedule above.

Will there be any full-length test ?

Yes, As mentioned, A month before Mains there will be Full-Length Tests for Each Subject. These will be akin to real-tests.

Will there be review of my answers ?

Yes, There will be review of your submitted answer copies along will model answer in student portal, tele-counselling and Video-Strategy.

Should I join WAR 2022 ?

If you are going to appear for 2022, then we suggest go for WAR-2022. You will have more number of questions, more tests and more reviews and more model answers.

I have some other questions ?

Call/WhatsApp on  – 82608 72482



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