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Dear All,

We have been receiving queries related to out Test Series – Essay and Mains.

Here are the clarifications to your questions:-

ESSAY Test series :-

  1. Total 10 essay tests.
  2. Each essay test has 4 topics, that is we provide 40 topics in total.
  3. We ask students to write at least 2 out of 4, however if anyone wishes to write all the 40 topics, we review it all.
  4. The only difference between UPSC and us is that UPSC gives 8 topics and asks you to write 2. However, providing 8 topics in each test, which will amount to 80 topics is not a possibility is real-time. Also no student could write that many essays.
  5. Moreover, we take extra care in giving the topics, that means we have to read the PULSE of UPSC right (We managed to predict 6 out 8 essays in Mains 2016)
  6. It is difficult to to provide 80 topics unless we give just about everything found on internet.(as many do)
  7. But that is not our goal, our goal is to predict the topics that have highest chance in appearing in UPSC and thus making you aware of it.
  8. Once you write on those topics then you will not be caught- off guard in real exam.
  9. To give you an analogy, if coaching centers are traditional farmers, we are the precision farmers. Prediction with precision is our bread and butter and that is what we strive for.
  10. In addition to that we are also giving topic wise strategy for each essay (As far as our knowledge goes- Nobody in India does that as yet.It is one of the most difficult task- to create strategy, it takes at least 3-4 days- from initial draft to publication and we include at least 4-5 member s of our core team and take their inputs so that we can give you a wholesome perspective)
  11. We also provide 3-4 page of PERSONALIZED FEEDBACK . The standard and quality of review is unparalleled.
  12. Everyone who took our test series last year, had only praise for us.
  13. We have simple philosophy we follow- ” If we can not guide you, we will at least not misguide you” and we are approachable and deeply care for our students.
  14. It pains us when someone could not qualify for any reason and we help them where we can.
  15. Of course, we have certain limitation as far as human resource is concerned. As you know, getting good faculty is the most difficult part, moreover it is not about good faculty only, it is also about committed faculty. So, we have certain numbers in  mind and when we hit that target, we have to close the registration – we can not accept your money and not serve you – that is against everything we stand for.
  16. Last year, for mains TEST SERIES, We endured last moment rush. Statistically, the number of papers reached us for review each day just hit the roof and we had to spend sleepless nights to give you the reviews. But we did it and now we are extremely confident that we will do much better this year.
  17. As per the request from students we had to post-pone our Mains tests till the declaration of Mains 2016 result.Now that the result is out, we will provide you a revised schedule of Mains test series.Only one test is live now. The revised test schedule will be with you soon.The reason for request is that they wanted to start afresh after the exam and there was a lesser momentum and more anxiety on the air – Now that things have settled, the test series can bring you back from your ” slumber” and  keep you buoyant.

Registration Link

Feel free to write to us in case of any queries.

Thank You




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