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We are happy that many questions were asked in our test series and sincerely hope that our students did well.As far as the number of questions concerned we predicted correctly in the MAINS exam – we will leave it to your better judgment.The comparative analysis was given towards the end of the post.







We have asked this questions in our Mains Program :-

  1. We have published many articles relate to globalization and its impact and the question related to globalization and formal sector was part of it. The most important part being  – globalization led to rise of contract employment where the contractors don’t have the social security net provided their employer.We have discussed it one of  our articles  and in answer scripts of the test series.
  2. The GENDER BUDGETING question was asked by us verbatim.Hope our students did well.Here is the question we asked in our mock test:-
    1. Give an outline of the concept of and the government initiatives for gender-budgeting in India.
  3. PMJDY and financial inclusion , was a question expected last year but came this year.Not much of a trouble for the candidate to answer this question anyway.We have asked question related to financial inclusion however not specific to PMJDY as we expected it last year.
  4. SMART CITY and RURBAN – both were specifically asked by us on our test  series.There are 2  questions asked by us :-
    1. Smart Cities Mission aims to improve the quality of life of the average urban citizen. However according to few experts, it is necessary to make cities liveable first before making them smart.Discuss in light of problems associated with urban areas in India.
    2. The sustainable cities need sustainable villages. In light of this statement , discuss the components and importance of RURBAN mission.
  5. FDI question can be discussed in many heads :-
    1. Justification – for FOREX .Capital Investment is anyway a good things for economy.It also brings new technology along with work culture and better management practices.
    2. The gap is due to :-
      1. Foggy business process along with difficulty is getting permits ,land acquisition and EIA etc (eg – POSCO fiasco)
      2. Politicization of the issue leading to protests etc
      3. Red-tapesim
      4. Retrospective taxation issue
      5. High corporate tax
      6. The criteria for local employment issue and the burden of skilling them.
      7. Many other issues can be thought of on these line
    3. Question given in our test series is not related to the question of the Mains exam directly however there is little overlap of content.Question in our test series –
      1. “The recent liberalization in FDI will help India to attain the commanding heights of its economic potential”. Comment.
  6. Inclusive Growth – the editorial is here – Click Here
    1. Question asked in our test series –
      1. Even after seven decades of targeted policy making, India was ranked very low globally on most of the parameters for inclusive growth and development. Analyse the problems associated with achieving inclusive growth in India and suggest solutions for it.
  7. Water use efficiency and micro irrigation can be answered , but you have to extrapolate points from our various articles, and it is fairly a simple answer.While answering one can link water with climate smart agriculture because agriculture uses the most of the water. Discuss what what we can learn from Israel.You must discuss drip irrigation and sprinkler irrigation etc.We have published one article on climate smart agriculture, 6 articles on water usage and one one Indo-Israel mou etc.So you have link it all and then answer this question.
  8. Allelopathy is the biological phenomenon where a plant releases certain biochemical which influence the germination and  growth of certain other plants and organisms.It essentially , if put to good use can reduce the unnecessary weeds in agriculture.This question was not given by us in any of our tests 🙂
  9. Land reforms was a question asked in our mains test series.This was our question :-
    1. “By and large land reforms in India enacted so far and those contemplated in the near future are in the right direction; and yet due to lack of implementation the actual results are far from satisfactory”. Substantiate.
    2. And the answer script we have provided is one of the best to answer this question holistically.
    3. The exhaustive answer script can be found her – Click here
    4. The password to open the post is – utree2016
  10. PMFBY, we asked this question in Mains series : This was the question :-
    1. The recently launched “Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana” can bring paradigm shift as far as crop insurance is concerned. Comment.
    2. In the mains exam question you only have to write the salient features but in our question you have to go a step further and justify why it is a paradigm shift by comparing the features with previous crop insurance schemes.
  11. Renewable energy question:-
    1. This question can easily be answered by few article given by us :-
      1. iledtheway
      2. UAJALA Scheme
  12. Space tech and its application
    1. Question in our test series:-
      1. Space technology is increasingly changing the method and means of administration.In light of this , discuss importance of space technology to bring paradigm shift in rural economy of India.
  13. Nanotechnology and application
    1. Question in our test series:-
      1. What is “nano technology” ?Bring out its benefits and applications.
  14. Rehabilitation and its impact
    1. You can answer this question by 2 of our ARC report summaries.
      1. ARC – Capacity Building For Conflict Resolution – Part 2 (Land related conflict,Farmer suicide ,Displacement and SEZ)
      2. ARC – Capacity Building For Conflict Resolution – Part 3 (Left Wing Extremism/Naxalism)
  15. Urban Flood
    1. Question given in our test series :-
      1. Increasing anthropogenic intervention in natural processes is transforming rainfall, rather a “natural event” to a “man-made disaster”. In light of this discuss the reasons behind rising instances of urban floods in India and suggest measures to tackle it.
  16. NDMA guidelines and cloud burst (Not asked by us)
  17. Surgical strikes and hot pursuit (Not asked by us , although article were published on this)
  18. Terrorism as industry
    1. Many article and question were given on this, well known theme anyway.
  19. Border management
    1. This question has to answered by using geography and polity along with International relationship.
    2. Use geography to justify complexity – 15000 km land and 7000km  sea border in most volatile region with hostile neighbours.Hogback topography, Siachen difficulties.
    3. Challenges are well known and  can be discussed in the following heads – geographical/environmental (for example – cross-country biosphere reserves , natural parks etc ),historical,socio-cultural and political etc
  20. Social media and national security
    1. Question given by us in our test series:-
      1. Discuss role of social media in globalizing terrorism.Suggest Measures to counter the propaganda of terrorists.



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