Editorial – History Watch – Gandhi vs Bose !!!


Mahatma Gandhi and Subhas Chandra Bose  were two legendary personalities, gigantic in  their political moral and ethical stature. Both  of them were two worthy sons of Mother India.  In 1915, soon after his return from South Africa  Gandhiji became the unquestioned leader of  India’s freedom movement and Indian National  Congress. He transformed  ‘an unarmed, politicallysubjugated,  dumb and  illiterate mass of humanity  into a fearless, non-violent,  politically awakened,  resurgent militia. Verily out  of dust, he made Indians  into men’. Subhas Chandra  Bose, ‘the stormy petrel of  Indian Renaissance’  younger to Gandhi by 28  years who had resigned his  brilliant career in [...]