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Daily MCQS – 1


Daily MCQS :- The MCQS are mostly informative in nature and checks your grasp on current events. […]

Daily MCQS – 12016-05-04T22:48:42+05:30

History Watch – Buddhist Circuit !!!


Buddhist Circuit:- Background:- “Buddham Sharanam Gachaami ,Dhammam Sharanam Gachaami ,Sangham Sharanam Gachaami” In the Mahaparinirvana sutra, the Buddha tells his followers that they can attain merit and a noble rebirth by going on pilgrimage to the places where he was born (Lumbini), gained enlightenment (Bodhgaya), first taught (Sarnath), and attained Nirvana (Kushinagar).(“Ananda, these are four places for who are confidently treading on the path of Dhamma to visit which may further inspire them in Dhamma” as said by Buddha) India, the country where Buddhisim originated, still has rich reminiscence of the Buddhist legacy. As part of its drive towards austerity, [...]

History Watch – Buddhist Circuit !!!2017-02-13T22:01:15+05:30

Daily Current Events – 02 May 2016


Note :-We are running little late as far as the date is concerned , but the time lag will be over soon.We can end it in a single day , but that may compromise our quality, thus we have taken up this approach to fill the gap one step at a time without any impact on quality.Don’t miss this article or the article that are about to come, they will be of vital importance as far as exam is concerned.Ignorance is unafforadable. A single error can cost a year, kindly don’t procrastinate. Natural Resources Data Management System (NRDMS) The Natural [...]

Daily Current Events – 02 May 20162016-05-04T22:03:31+05:30
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