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Dear Aspirants,

Greetings from our Team !

Prelims 2016 is over and thankfully we were of some help to you all in your endeavor for CSE 2016.

After Prelims, we were receiving numerous requests to conduct a test series for Mains 2016. While we were definitely overwhelmed by the support and interest shown in us, we thought it would be better to design a test series suiting to the needs of the aspirants and thus we sent a list of questionnaires to our registered students for their valuable feedback.

Clearing this exam is not about how much you know or don’t know , it is all about how qualitatively you can write in a given time frame.That’s what matters and that is the exact reason why many deserving and intelligent students don’t get through and more often than not, the reason is lack of practice.

One can read a 1000 pages on a particular topic but to put it with in 250 words is a real challenge and thus writing tests helps one to filter out the crux of the matter and put forth meaningful and valuable points in exam without beating around the bush.

After going through the feedback given to us by many of you, we have come up with a comprehensive test series for Mains 2016. The test series is designed keeping in mind the recent trends in UPSC CSE Mains exam in the past three years.

Feature of the series:-
  • The Test Series will consist of 13 (Thirteen) Tests out of which 8 (Eight) tests will be sectional tests of GS I,II,III and IV and 4 (Four) tests will be full length Mock Tests of GS I,II,III and IV.
  • One test will be on Essay.
  • We have divided the syllabus of each GS paper in two parts for sectional tests and provided primary and secondary references for each part of them. (Refer to our Mains Test Series Schedule)
  • Aspirants are advised to refer the primary references first and go through the secondary references only if the time permits.
  • We will be focusing mainly on Current Affairs for GS II and III as has been the recent trends.
  • Students will be given Log In credentials after registration and each test will be uploaded on the Students’ Portal latest by 10:00 AM on the day of the test.
  • While our Test Series is Flexible and students can postpone the test suiting to their personal studying time table, we would like to advise you to stick to this time table as this will exert extra pressure on you to timely complete the syllabus. We don’t want our students to be the victim of procrastination.
  • We will be providing Fixed Space Answer Sheet for each test on our Students’ Portal. The students are advised to print the same and answer for the sake of practice. However, students can also write answers on normal A4 size papers with the questions written on the top of the page.
  • We will be receiving the answer copies through our email id
  • We will be providing a detailed PERSONALIZED REVIEW of  your answers within a week’s time from the date of submission of your paper.
  • The students who have joined our ‘Essay Test Series’ programme must be well aware by now of the detailed review we try to provide to our aspirants
  • We are committed to ensure the same standards in our Mains Test Series programme as well.
  • Evaluation of answers will be done in accordance to the requirement of UPSC. Adequate emphasis will be given on Relevance, Content, Brevity , Language Competency,Economy of words and other aspects that either deal with the quality or quantity.
  • We would also be pointing out various Opportunities for Improvements (OFIs) in each answer.
  • The evaluated answer sheet will be sent to the students’ individual mail ids.
  • The students are free to contact our team of faculties anytime for personal doubt clearance and discussion.
  • We will also be providing answer materials for each test in the Students’ Portal after completion of each test.
  • Our subscribers must be aware of the quality of articles we publish by covering various perspectives and we would be sticking to the same mantra while preparing the questions for the test series.
  • Rest assured, the standard of questions will be at par with UPSC and the Personalized Feedbacks by our team will be going a long way in sharpening your answer writing skills.

Registration and Cost:

The Comprehensive Mains Test Series programme will cost Rs. 6500/- only for the new joiners , for all the 13 Tests with Personalized feedback.

New Joiners can register here –   Click Here

We have fixed the cost after taking into account the feedback given to us by our students and the viability of the project.

Our existing students who have already subscribed either our ‘Essay Test Series’ or ‘Prelims Test Series’ can opt for the Test series by paying Rs. 5500/- only .

Existing students can register here – Click Here

We intend to provide as much help as possible and you should not hesitate to ask any queries that you may have irrespective of their nature.We are here to help.

Feel free to write to us , if you have any queries/requests with regards to the program.

Wish you luck !!!

Thank you,



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