More often than not, we wonder when a credible aspirant could not make it through the interview. And when this happens we look at the sample papers he/she has written before, to see what went wrong and compare the ones who got through.The answer we always found is simplicity. Both have written same content but the way it was represented , makes all the difference.

If we draw little analogy from  famous yet brilliant movies , for eg:-  Pulp Fiction(English) ,Sholay(Hindi) , Nayagan (Tamil) ,Godavari (Telugu) ,Gapa helebi Sata( Odia) , The Good Road (Gujrati) – Naagarahaavu (Kannada), Manichitrathazhu(Malaylam), Shwaas (Marathi) , Aparajita Tumi(Bengali) –   the story line is not out of the box , but their representation was out of the box and that is why they got the success.A credible aspirant with incredible dedication when could not get the success – the reason behind this is simple – He/She has all the content , but the write-up was complex , superfluous and unnecessary  adjectives make the reading cumbersome.

*The movies we have picked only for cause of explanation  .

Civil services examinations are not there to show our literary skills , but to show the depth of our understanding. It has always been difficult to write the complex things in the simpler way.If you look at the best leaders – they have always followed simplicity. Their writing rarely have a wasted word, that means they have deeper understanding of things compared to other.

Another example would be , all of us would have come across editorials of Hindu newspaper, when a particular journalist or people from other profession writes a piece , more often than not we find it non-engaging .But when we come across an article written by serving/retired bureaucrats , we know how engaging it is.

One such inspiring article one would be this:-

In day-to-day life too, almost all of us use Google as our search engine.  There were search engine before and after  google, but there is only one google. Its algorithm is one the most complex , as we have heard.So while the background , or thoughts in our mind can be complex , it is essential to represent them in simple manner.Simplicity appeals to everyone, it helps you connect with the reader , not offend him/her with your literary arrogance (even though not intended) .

This exam does not demand greater  skills ,it  demands  greater understanding .


“If you can’t explain it to a six-year-old, you probably  don’t understand it yourself.”  –  Albert Einstein





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