Dear All,

As you know by now, the MAINS 2016 result is out.

Last night was a sleepless night for us. We have been receiving many calls from our students and have been constantly in conversation with them. Although, we are yet to consolidate the results, nonetheless here are few findings which we managed to infer .

We have not encountered anything as scary as the “PDF file of Results”. It is indeed scary and enervating. We saw students shake and tremble while opening the file. It would be no overstatement to call it the “VAMPIRE PDF”.

It sets the whole course of action for a student for the upcoming days and has profound impact on life and social standing.

Of course, those who could not get through, they and only they know the pain. Because, the society is ruthless-People Judge and give unnecessary comments.Some show sympathy, but empathy is rare to be found, some would have been happy (secretly) because you did not get through.(Yes, the world is full of sadists- people deriving pleasure from others misery)

However, everyone has very limited yet few people in their lives, who believe in you “no-matter-what”. They stand by you, support you and accept you as you are. They are the shining lights in the time of darkness. Don’t loose them ever. Go, speak to them.

Our advise is not to be bogged down by society. Society is society, we can not change that, neither can we explain each and every individual and change their perception of this exam.People judge- and that is what people do.So let them be.

In this hour, we want you not to react, not to explain, not to find excuses. More or less, each individual will be aware where it went wrong, but wait for the marks. Till then, tighten your grip over everything. Your true self is in the test now, showing valor against adversity is what makes you brave. You are brave because, you are trying something bigger than yourself, you are not looking for a job, you are pursuing a dream and that is what civil service is. The battle ground is not everyone’s cup of tea nor it is bed of roses.

In this hour, we stand by you and this years battle we will fight alongside you.Remember :-

How the heck does a 52 yr old, over the hill, milkshake machine salesman, build a fast-food empire with 1600 restaurants in 50 states and 5 foreign countries with an annual revenue in the neighborhood of $700 Million a year and feeding 1% of the globe each day.

One word


Nothing in this world can take the place of good-old persistence.

Talent won’t – there is nothing more common than unsuccessful men with talent

Genius won’t – Unrecognized genius is practically a cliche

Education won’t – The world is full of educated fools.

Persistence and determination alone are all powerful .

And as for the society, don’t give them the pleasure to play with your “failure”

Don’t make noise,

Work hard in silence Let success make the noise.

The above is the true story of McDonalds Food chain.

When each of us, tried to appear for civil service exam, it was a cause bigger than ourselves. But victory is something different altogether as Gandhi says:-

Full effort is full Victory

If you have given your 100%, you will be satisfied, but if you have not, then tighten your grip, the battle is not over yet until you WIN.

Civil servant aspirants can not afford to be sad, they are the bravest among the lot, and anybody who can withstand the downfall in this exam can withstand life. Civil service is not an exam it is a journey of life. No matter what the result says, you will be much stronger than you have ever been and you will be much better and more humane than you have ever been.

So don’t let your guards down. The battle just begun.

Start again start afresh. When the society thinks you are down-Stand up and fight again. Nothing scares the society more than a fighter who has taken a beat yet standing up to fight again. That’s the true spirit, it is not found in everyone but it is rare quality of every civil service aspirant. Fight until you win.

Speak to us, write to us, share with us, we are here for you and always will be. We may not be your guardian angels or pillar of strength but we can be your friends in need and we are your friends in need.

Lets fight this battle again, together. And yes,the last piece of wisdom – master your optional.

Thank You



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