Questions are framed from the February 2016 monthly magazine.Go through it to answer the questions better.

Answer in 200 words each

  1. What is El-Nino and La-Nina ? What are their possible impacts on Indian monsoon ? Supposing that you are a district collector of a drought-hit region, what are the administrative measures you will take to tackle the problem arising out of deficient monsoon.
  2. Lately both Ebola and Zika viruses have been posing serious threats to public health across the world.In this context, analyze India’s vulnerability and preparedness to tackle these crises.
  3. What is AYUSH ? How the components differ from each other ? What are the Government of India’s initiatives in this regard ? Can AYUSH  provide holistic healthcare ?
  4.  Write a brief note on Solar energy and India’s engagement in this regard.Bring out the possible impediments to realize the goal of solar energy and suggest a way forward.
  5. Write a brief note on genetically modified crops and how they differ from hybrid crops.What are the possible challenges and benefits of GM crops?
  6. If roads are the artery of India , railway is it’s spine.In this context critically analyze India’s infrastructure impediments and suggest a way forward.
  7. Do you think India is in a “sweet-spot” as far as world economics is concerned ? Provide rationale behind your observation.
  8. What is co-operative and competitive federalism ? Do you think proper infusion of this two concepts can help India usher in a greater success ?
  9. In light of recent TRAI order, critically analyse net neutrality and it’s various components ?
  10. Write a note on food security and various challenges in this regard.Write critical note on Government of India’ initiatives towards ensuring food security and suggest a way forward.
  11. It is often said that India is a sleeping giant. How to wake it up ?
  12. Write a brief note on protected area network of India and their significance for sustenance of  Indian civilization.

If you want your answer to be reviewed -write it in a pen/paper medium and send it as a single PDF to for review.If you write in the comment section and we will provide the review there too.


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