This poem is written in memory of those hard-working, ever-trying, never-giving up spirits. Whether it is for the preparation of UPSC or taking on life. This is written by the UPSCTREE.

We believe in you, but you have to believe in yourself too.

“No matter, what the UPSC creed; You are an unrelenting breed”

This winter, the fury will unfold,
In name of exam, life will fold.

You have done enough,
You have walked the mile,
Don’t let the blips scare you,
Your life is on hold in that PDF file.

Sacrifice they call it,
Isolation they name it,
No matter, what the UPSC creed,
You are an unrelenting breed.

Get up from your slumber,
Let your pen bleed the paper,
Nothing can stop you , but you
Get that edge and get rolling
Because, life is waiting and calling.

It’s been calling for a while,
But you took a break,
Enough of preparation,
Its time for salvation.

Remember, o’ friend,
No matter, what the UPSC creed
You are an unrelenting breed.

You are an unrelenting breed.

Bleed the paper, keep the thoughts streaming
You are a believer, o’friend,
Fist up, it’s time for punching.

You are not a stream, to be pushed aside,
You are the thunder, after lightening,
You are a believer, a dreamer,
Ye salvation, must not lay in slumber.

Wake up, push up, do your thing
Life has been calling, it’s been waiting,

Remember o’friend
No matter, what the UPSC creed
You are an unrelenting breed

No matter, what the UPSC creed
You are an unrelenting breed

A believer, a dreamer, an achiever,

We believe in you, start believing in yourself too.

 Wishing you the Best..For the Upcoming MAINS


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