Understanding the Taliban for what it is

2021-10-06T15:31:35+05:30By |Categories: FP & IR|Tags: |

A realistic assessment of the circumstances in which it has to operate should have induced the Taliban regime in Afghanistan to follow a moderate course. Instead, it has sent out unmistakable signs of a preference for extremism. A peculiar state of mind is almost certainly in play, but to ascribe [...]

[Geopolitics] India and China Border Dispute

2021-07-23T14:12:58+05:30By |Categories: FP & IR|

The British organised a conference in Shimla in 1914, which the representatives of China and Tibet attended. The conference’s objective was to negotiate a treaty that would demarcate the border between Tibet and British-ruled India. The British plan was to put pressure on the weak Chinese central government to grant [...]

[IR] G-7’s counter to China’s Belt and Road Initiative

2021-07-17T13:05:37+05:30By |Categories: FP & IR|

G-7 leaders finally came around with the proposed Build Back Better World (B3W) to counter China’s rising influence across 100-plus countries through Belt Road Initiative (BRI) projects. The proposal, though at a nascent stage, aims to address the infrastructure investment deficit in developing and lower income countries — the space [...]

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