[Polity] In defence of bureaucracy.

2021-04-29T23:40:05+05:30By |Categories: Polity|

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi, replying to the debate on the motion of thanks to the President’s address to the Lok Sabha, made a strong case for the privatisation of PSUs and said: “If one becomes an IAS officer will he also run a fertiliser factory… Will he run a chemical [...]

[Science] The infinite possibilities of gene editing

2021-04-29T00:24:59+05:30By |Categories: Science|

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CRISPR’s ability to alter genome sequences holds immense promise for medicine and other fields The industrial revolution was all about using atoms for human advancement, and the internet revolution was about the magic of bytes, but the next one will be about what we do with genes [...]

[Economy] Green hydrogen and India’s transition to clean energy

2021-04-27T01:33:41+05:30By |Categories: Economy|

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Energy is a master resource which has the ability to catapult or cripple a growing economy. The rising threat of climate change has transitioned from climate-science conferences to billions being spent on disaster relief expenses. Global markets are increasingly demanding carbon-free products. Realizing the impending threat [...]

[Society] India’s disastrous second wave

2021-04-23T03:39:20+05:30By |Categories: Society|

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APRIL 14TH was a big day in India. Hindus and Sikhs gathered to mark the new year. Many Muslims celebrated the first day of Ramadan at late-night feasts with friends and family. In Haridwar, a temple town that this year hosts the Kumbh Mela, an intermittent Hindu festival that is the [...]

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