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Policy-NITI AAYOG and Nutrition !!!


The NITI Aayog published nutrition charts on 17 January this year. As India recognises nutrition as a national issue and gears up for the National Nutrition Mission (NNM), publishing such data helps a wide variety of persons associated with the healthcare and nutrition ecosystem in our country to get into action mode and aid in the implementation of the mission. The Global Nutrition Report 2015 estimates that investment in nutrition has a cost-benefit ratio of 1:16 for 40 low- and middle-income countries. Moreover, such an investment is recognised globally as both a critical development imperative and a pathway for the fulfillment of human [...]

Policy-NITI AAYOG and Nutrition !!!2018-02-16T12:21:16+05:30

Society-Does India Require Counter Urbanization ?


Urbanization is one of the most common global phenomena in the world, and is said to occur in many phases. In the overwhelming majority of cases, urban lifestyles and infrastructure has spread to encompass most human settlements. […]

Society-Does India Require Counter Urbanization ?2018-02-06T11:38:16+05:30